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Result Summary

Number of genes 254
Genes None ?Tub84B AT27571 Arf51F Asph (GM05229) Axud1 (CG4272) Bka Btk29A (LD16208) Bx (RE72043) C3G (RE10624) CDase CG10035 CG10154 CG10265 (RE23651) CG10338 CG10641 CG10747 CG10904 CG11261 CG11319 CG11357 (RE75106) CG11381 CG11384 CG11533 CG11659 CG11737 CG11909 CG12081 CG12213 CG12268 CG12400 CG12547 CG12643 CG12895 CG13298 CG13318 CG13827 CG13990 CG14048 (mRpL14) CG14220 CG14430 CG14516 CG14781 CG14991 (GM03112) CG15005 CG15044 CG15203 CG15212 CG15515 CG15554 CG15626 CG15818 CG1674 CG17145 CG17273 (RE23826) CG17510 CG17691 CG17715 CG18041 CG18156 CG18162 (GM03574) CG18173 CG18480 (LP08921) CG18508 CG18854 (HL02309) CG1998 CG2608 CG2938 (SD03002) CG30158 CG31002 CG31090 (RE27406) CG31121 (RE11181) CG3136 (LD12677) CG31463 CG31495 CG31635 (GM03875) CG32207 CG32316 (GH27234) CG32843 CG32982 (RE11317) CG3305 CG33145 CG3353 CG3355 CG3578 CG3621 CG3683 CG3792 CG3947 CG42258 CG43122 (cic) CG45783 (Pzl) CG4658 CG4854 CG4942 CG4994 (Mpcp) CG5010 CG5127 CG5756 CG5840 (P5cr-2) CG5844 CG5895 CG5903 (RH01253) CG6040 (GM03427) CG6073 (RE15887) CG6145 CG6169 (GM04208) CG6406 (GH21176) CG6551 (fu) CG6685 CG6751 CG6812 CG6874 (RE10558) CG6959 CG7017 CG7201 CG7231 CG7330 CG7698 CG7712 CG7997 CG8006 CG8104 CG8332 (RpS15) CG8443 (LD19312) CG8579 CG8665 CG8780 CG8788 CG8869 CG8878 (RE74744) CG8924 CG9036 CG9336 CG9386 CG9449 CG9524 CG9603 (COX7A) CG9699 (LD19219) CG9921 CG9925 (RE70955) CR18166 CR30055 CR31032 CR31044 CR31451 CR31781 CR32218 CR32690 CR33945 CR33963 CR40053 CR42651 CR42746 CR43242 CR43429 CR43470 CR43649 CR43654 CR44690 CR44807 CR44945 CR45018 CR45713 CR9337 Ca-P60A (GM04226) Caf1-180 (SD02526) Ccm3 CkIIalpha-i1 Cyp6t1 Cyp9f3Psi (RE06354) DHR83 DIP1 Dl E78 Ent1 Ero1L FK506-bp2 GH27933 Grip75 HM_CR43261 HM_CR43617 HM_CR44931 HM_CR45750 HM_CR45751 Hsp60 ImpE2 Jon25Biii (CG8871) Kr MAGE MESR3 (RE28259) Mad (RE72705) Mct1 Mnn1 NetA Nmdar1 Orc5 Pdsw (RE65754) Pnn Pros28.1 Qm RE18761 RE19504 Rack1 Rad17 Rad21 RpL12 RpL24 RpL3 RpLP0 RpS7 Rpb5 SNF4Agamma (CG17299) Sec61beta (RE18615) Sem1 (CG13779) Sirt2 Stat92E Swim (CG3074) Tailless Tdc1 (CG30445) Ten-m (AT25108) TfIIB Trim9 TwdlN VhaM9.7-2 Zip88E argos ase blue bsk (RE08746) bxd ckd dpp ft galectin grim gt hyd l(1)10Bb mira msk (LD30157) mthl14 piwi (CG6122) polo rap roX1 sna spn-D tara tinc tna (HL07357) vri wor zpg