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Genes: CG14945 tobi


Area Images Terms


Area Images Terms
intestine Expressed in malpighian tubules
Expressed in small nuclei cells - Malpighian tubules
Malpighian tubules - foci
Malpighian tubules - Nuclear in
Malpighian tubules - Subnuclear in
Not expressed in the intestine
Subcellular localization in malpighian tubules
nervous system Nervous system
Not expressed in nervous system
ovary and testis Expressed in Ovary
Ovary allover
Ovary and Testis


Good probe on gel.
Important note: according to FlyBase this probe 'RE74917' is associated with 2 genes: target of brain insulin (tobi) AND CG14945. Interestingly, another probe for the gene CG14945 exhibits the same peculiar malphigian tubule pattern. Also, a high malphigian tubule expression is reported for CG14945 and not for tobi.
Interesting malphigian tubule pattern - expressed in 'small nuclei' cells.