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Genes: CG18173


Area Images Terms


Area Images Terms
fat body Fat body
Not expressed in fat body
intestine Expressed in hindgut
Expressed in midgut
Hindgut allover
Hindgut foci
Midgut - foci
Subcellular localization in hindgut
Subcellular localization in midgut
imaginal discs Expressed in leg discs
Expressed in wing disc
Imaginal discs
Leg discs few cells - dots
Leg discs particular pattern
Wing disc pouch
Wing discs particular pattern
nervous system Brain lobes - Foci or dots
Brain lobes - Significant area
Expressed in brain lobes
Nervous system
salivary gland Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Expressed in salivary glands
Salivary gland
Salivary gland - apical
Salivary gland - lumen
Salivary glands allover
Subcellular localization in salivary gland
ovary and testis Expressed in Testis
Ovary and Testis
Specific testis expression/ localization
Testis allover
muscles Expressed in muscles
Localized to muscle band
Muscles - Cytoplasmic foci
Muscles allover
Subcellular localization in muscles


Good probe on gel
Embryo data not good - no photos taken. May need to redo.