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Genes: CG13990


Area Images Terms


Area Images Terms
fat body Expressed in fat body
Fat body
Fat body - Nuclear localization
Fat body - Subnuclear localization
Fat body allover - Ubiquitous
Subcellular localization
intestine Expressed in malpighian tubules
Expressed in midgut
Expressed in proventriculus
Malpighian tubules allover
Midgut - Few foci
Midgut - foci
Midgut allover
Particular proventriculus area
Subcellular localization in midgut
ovary and testis Expressed in Ovary
Expressed in Testis
Ovary and Testis
Specific ovary expression/ localization
Specific testis expression/ localization
Testis allover
Testis foci
Testis foci outside