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Genes: MESR3


Area Images Terms


Area Images Terms
intestine Expressed in hindgut
Hindgut allover
Hindgut basal enrichment
Hindgut foci
Subcellular localization in hindgut
imaginal discs Antennal disc few cells - dots
Expressed in antennal disc
Expressed in eye disc
Eye disc few cells - dots
Eye disc photo-receptors
Imaginal discs
Morphogenetic furrow
nervous system Brain lobes - Foci or dots
Brain lobes - Significant area
Expressed in brain lobes
Nervous system
Optic lobe
salivary gland Expressed in salivary glands
Nascent transcript in salivary gland
Salivary gland
Salivary gland - nuclear dots
Salivary gland - subnuclear
Salivary glands allover
Subcellular localization in salivary gland
ovary and testis Expressed in Testis
Ovary and Testis
Specific testis expression/ localization
Testis allover
Testis foci
tracheal system Expressed in tracheal tubes
Tracheal System


Good probe on gel.
Embryo in situ - non specific - should be repeated.