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Genes: Trim9


Area Images Terms
stage 1-3 Stage 1-3
  Weak expression (>41ms exp)
   Subcellular localization patterns
    Cytoplasmic foci
   Embryonic localization patterns
stage 4-5 Stage 4-5
   Zygotic starting stage 4
   Yolk nuclei
    Subset yolk nuclei
   Blastoderm nuclei
    Subset blastoderm nuclei
     Ventral blastoderm nuclei
  Medium expression (21-40ms exp)
stage 6-7 Stage 6-7
   Blastoderm nuclei
    Subset blastoderm nuclei
     Ventral blastoderm nuclei
     Segmented pattern
      Pair-rule pattern
stage 8-9 Stage 8-9
   Blastoderm nuclei
    Subset blastoderm nuclei
     Ventral blastoderm nuclei
     Segmented pattern
     Expression in neuroblasts
  Medium expression (21-40ms exp)
stage 10-17 Stage 10-17
   Sensory system
   Segmented pattern
   Salivary glands
    Salivary glands lumen
   Fat body
    Ventral nerve cord
   Blastoderm nuclei
   Subcellular localization patterns
     Bigger Foci
    Cell extensions or 'podia'


Area Images Terms
fat body 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Fat body
  Subcellular Localization - Fat body
   Cytoplasmic foci-fat body
  Expressed in fat body
   Fat body allover - Ubiquitous
intestine 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
  Expressed in proventriculus
   Subcellular localization in proventriculus
    Proventriculus foci
     Proventriculus - Few foci
  Expressed in midgut
   Subcellular localization in midgut
    Midgut - foci
  Expressed in malpighian tubules
   Malpighian tubules allover
  Expressed in gastric caeca
   Subcellular localization in gastric caeca
    Gastric caeca foci
   Gastric caeca allover
imaginal discs 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Imaginal discs
  Expressed in leg discs
   Leg discs few cells - dots
  Expressed in eye disc
   Morphogenetic furrow
   Eye disc photo-receptors
   Eye disc few cells - dots
   Eye disc basal
   Eye disc apical
   Expressed in antennal disc
    Antennal disc few cells - dots
nervous system 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Nervous system
  Expressed in ventral nerve cord
   Ventral nerve cord - foci or 'dots'
   Localized to axons
  Expressed in brain lobes
   Brain lobes - Foci or dots
salivary gland 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Salivary gland
  Subcellular localization in salivary gland
   Salivary gland - Cytoplasmic foci
   Salivary gland - basal
  Expressed in salivary glands
ovary and testis Adult Tissues
 Male reproductive tissues
3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Larval Ovary and Testis-Larva
  Specific testis expression localization
   Larval testis foci
    Testis foci outside-Larva
lymph glands and ring glands 3rd Instar Larval Tissues
 Lymph Glands and Ring Glands
  Ring gland
   Ring gland - Subcellular localization
    Ring gland - Cytoplasmic foci
   Expressed in ring gland
    Ring gland allover
  Lymph Glands
   Subcellular localization in lymph glands
    Lymph Glands - Cytoplasmic foci
   Expressed in lymph glands


Maybe...Partly nascent, partly sub-nuclear.
Good probe on gel, a bit low
It is hard to distinguish if the axons in the larval ventral nerve cord are 'axons' or 'tracheal extensions