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Result Summary

Number of genes 325
Genes None Aats-arg Act87E (RE12057) Act87E (RE14441) Ance ApepP Bx (RE72043) CG10035 CG10092 CG10154 CG10176 CG10247 (Cyp6a21) CG10338 CG10465 CG10624 CG10641 CG10747 CG1091 CG10936 (RE29777) CG10948 CG11178 CG11306 (RE27026) CG11319 CG11370 CG11384 CG11396 CG11416 CG11659 CG11825 CG12081 CG12121 CG12125 (RE13562) CG12268 CG12400 CG12643 CG12802 CG12880 CG13197 CG13252 (RE73241) CG13311 CG13384 CG13900 CG13912 CG14153 CG14229 CG14516 CG1463 (RE61595) CG14687 CG14959 CG14960 CG14991 (GM03112) CG15005 CG15044 CG1516 CG15160 CG15212 CG15390 CG15626 CG15643 CG15715 CG1674 CG16863 CG16896 CG16985 CG17337 CG17360 CG1738 CG17397 CG17493 CG17508 CG17510 CG17715 CG18041 CG18088 CG18162 (GM03574) CG18173 CG18480 (LP08921) CG18493 CG18854 (HL02309) CG1962 CG1998 CG2126 CG2150 CG2177 CG2812 CG2973 CG30085 (RE66338) CG30493 CG3077 CG31002 CG31090 (RE27406) CG31121 (RE11181) CG32137 CG32165 CG32177 CG32276 CG32343 CG32473 (RE62048) CG32576 CG3267 CG32843 CG32972 CG3305 CG33129 (RH51633) CG33229 CG33253 CG33281 CG3345 CG33521 CG3621 CG3759 CG3884 CG4078 CG42258 CG42679 (Lmpt) CG43122 (cic) CG4511 (GM03430) CG4576 CG46037 (flam) CG4658 CG4827 CG4994 (Mpcp) CG5010 CG5089 CG5130 CG5214 (GM01350) CG5447 (RE57104) CG5491 CG5571 CG5800 CG5861 CG5895 CG5903 (RH01253) CG6040 (GM03427) CG6125 CG6169 (GM04208) CG6337 CG6513 (LD13184) CG6520 CG6551 (fu) CG6763 CG6812 CG7111 (Rack1) CG7180 (GH22607) CG7222 CG7228 CG7231 CG7289 CG7294 CG7371 CG7420 CG7459 CG7658 CG7712 CG7747 CG8104 CG8298 CG8332 (RpS15) CG8408 CG8443 (LD19312) CG8506 CG8598 CG8665 CG8710 (GM04053) CG8850 CG8878 (RE74744) CG9265 CG9307 CG9326 (vari) CG9336 CG9422 CG9449 CG9524 (RE59303) CG9527 CG9667 CR18217 CR18854 (RE59362) CR30267 CR31451 CR31647 CR31912 CR32027 CR32218 CR32385 CR32957 CR33938 (pncr002:3R) CR33963 CR42549 CR42651 CR42862 CR42862 CR45018 CR46268 CR9284 Cat Cctgamma Cyp49a1 (RE11411) Cyp6t1 Cyp9f3Psi (RE06354) D19A DIP1 Dif Doc{}1420 E78 Eaat1 EcR (LD26915) EcR (RE16656) Eip75B (GM04985) Ephrin Esp F-element{}1209 FK506-bp2 Fur2 GH26692 GH27933 Gadd45 (RE18426) GlcAT-I (GM03003) Glt Glu-RIIA Grip75 HLHm3 Hnf4 Hr46 (GH21112) Hr96 Ide Ilp4 Lcp65Ac MAGE MESR3 (RE28259) Mad (RE72705) Mct1 Mpcp ND75 NPC1 NTPase NetA Nhe2 Nmdar1 Nxt1 Oscp PDCD-5 Pabp2 Pcmt Pdsw (RE65754) Pgm Pnn Ppa (CG9952) Qm RE19504 RE21493 RE30346 Rab35 (LD28840) Rack1 RnrL (RE58177) RpL12 RpL18A RpL24 RpL3 RpL9 RpLP0 Rpb5 SF1 (RE28792) SNF4Agamma (CG17299) Sdc (CG10497) Srp54 Swim (CG3074) Taf10 Taf10b Taf7 Tailless Tdc1 (CG30445) Ten-m (AT25108) Trap95 Tsp42Ee Tsp74F TwdlN Ugt86Da (GM04645) Ugt86Da (RE18708) Vha68-2 VhaM9.7-2 WASp argos ase bel bip2 (LD19767) bt (GM13171) cg (LD21089) cin comm2 cpo (RE30936) didum dpp drk (LD12029) eIF-2beta fdl (RE17456) fidipidine hrg kay l(1)10Bb l(2)09851 l(3)02640 mRpL10 (RE27758) mRpS2 mRpS26 mab-21 (RE21580) mira msk (LD30157) mthl14 or pan par-6 pie pncr013:4 polo rl rox1 sca sdk (RE63453) tara tinc tna (HL07357) usp vlc wds ytr