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Area Images Terms


Area Images Terms
fat body Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Expressed in fat body
Fat body
Fat body - Nuclear localization
Fat body - Subnuclear localization
Fat body allover - Ubiquitous
Nascent transcript in fat body
Subcellular localization
intestine Expressed in hindgut
Expressed in malpighian tubules
Hindgut - subnuclear localization
Hindgut allover
Hindgut foci
Hindgut membranes
Hindgut perinuclear
Malpighian tubules allover
Nuclear in hindgut
Subcellular localization in hindgut
imaginal discs Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Expressed in eye disc
Expressed in leg discs
Eye disc particular pattern
Imaginal discs
Leg discs particular pattern
Morphogenetic furrow
nervous system Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Brain lobes - Significant area
Expressed in brain lobes
Nervous system
salivary gland Nascent transcript in salivary gland
Salivary gland
Salivary gland - nuclear dots
Subcellular localization in salivary gland
lymph glands and ring glands Expressed in lymph glands
Lymph Glands
Lymph Glands - Cytoplasmic foci
Lymph Glands - Few cytoplasmic foci
Lymph glands all over
Lymph Glands and Ring Glands
Subcellular localization in lymph glands


Good probe on gel.