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Result Summary

Number of genes 4215
Genes 14-3-3zeta 18w 26-29kD-proteinase 5-HT2 ?Tub84B ACXC ACXD AGO1 (LD36719) AGO2 (GM07030) AP-1gamma AP-1sigma AP-2 AP-47 ARP-like ASPP AT03385 AT03646 AT03788 AT27946 ATPsyn-beta Aac11 Aats-ala (GM03058) Aats-arg Aats-asn Aats-gln Aats-ile Aats-lys Aats-phe Aats-thr Aats-tyr Abd-B Abi Ac76E AcCoAS Acer Ack (GH10777) Ack (GH10884) Acon Acox57D-d Acp32CD Acp36DE (GH11288) Act42A Act5C Act79B Act87E (RE14441) Actr13E Ada2S Adgf-A Adgf-B Adgf-D Adh (GH01616) Adk1 Ady43A Ahcy13 Ahcy89E Akap200 (LD42903) Akap200 (LP02734) Akt1 Ald (LD37852) Alhambra (LD39491) Alhambra (LP05501) Alk Aly Ama Ance Ance-5 Ank Ank2 AnnX Antp (GM05003) Aos1 Apc2 ApepP Aplip1 Arc-p34 Arc70 (LD14031) Arf102F Arf79F Arf84F Argk Arp53D Arp87C Art1 Asph (AT24863) Asph (GM05229) Asx Ate1 Atet Atpalpha (GH23483) Atpalpha (HL02687) Atx2 (GH01409) Aut1 Awh Axn Axs B4 (LD35137) B52 (AT29232) B52 (HL03687) BCL7-like BEAF-32 Baldspot (GH11554) Bap55 BcDNA:GH04929 (GM02743) BcDNA:GH10270 BcDNA:GM03205 BcDNA:GM05817 BcDNA:RE15216 BcDNA:RE70209 BcDNA:RH02410 BcDNA:SD08734 BcDNA:SD10530 Best1 Best2 BicD Bin1 Bj1 Bka Bruce Bsg25A Bsg25D Btk29A (LD16208) Btk29A (LD18251) Bub1 Buffy Bx42 CCR4 CG10000 CG10005 CG10011 (SD01389) CG10035 CG10064 CG10068 CG10069 CG10073 CG10075 CG10077 (GH10652) CG10082 CG10092 CG10096 (GH01346) CG10107 CG10144 CG10151 CG1017 CG10175 CG10184 CG10192 CG10194 CG10209 CG10211 CG10219 CG10228 CG10237 CG10249 CG10254 CG10263 CG10265 (GM02985) CG10274 CG10286 CG10289 CG10306 CG10311 CG10324 CG10326 CG10333 CG10340 CG10359 (GM10015) CG10359 (RE57309) CG10361 CG10366 CG10384 CG10413 CG10417 CG10419 CG10420 CG10426 CG10435 CG10462 CG10467 CG10473 (LD23757) CG10473 (LD46360) CG10479 CG10513 CG10516 CG10522 CG10540 CG10542 CG10543 CG10555 CG10565 CG10590 CG10592 CG10598 CG10600 CG10617 CG10624 CG10625 CG10627 CG10628 CG10631 CG10650 CG10660 CG10664 CG10669 CG10670 (GM10765) CG10670 (RE33588) CG10681 CG10686 CG10694 CG10695 CG10724 CG10730 CG10732 CG10749 CG10754 CG10777 CG10778 CG10793 CG10804 CG10805 CG10825 CG10830 CG10837 CG10841 CG10845 CG10863 CG10874 CG10880 CG10882 CG1090 CG10903 CG10904 CG10907 CG10908 CG1091 CG10914 CG1092 (HL02811) CG1092 (RE36666) CG10932 CG10936 (RE29777) CG10947 CG10950 CG10953 CG10955 CG10959 CG10960 CG10962 (RE29909) CG10971 (LD08185) CG10971 (LD16566) CG10979 CG10987 CG11007 CG1102 CG1103 CG11044 CG11066 CG11076 CG11077 CG11086 CG1109 CG11092 CG11107 CG11132 CG11134 CG11138 (RE48052) CG11151 CG11155 CG11169 CG11178 CG11183 CG11188 CG11198 CG11206 CG11208 CG11221 CG11226 CG11227 (AT01046) CG1124 CG11241 CG11242 CG11247 CG11249 CG11261 CG11267 CG1129 (HL02883) CG1129 (RE49494) CG11299 (LD39604) CG11306 (HL02815) CG11317 CG11318 CG11321 CG11322 CG11333 CG11334 CG1134 CG11349 CG11353 CG11357 (GM04393) CG11367 CG11371 (GH08783) CG11371 (LD26519) CG11375 CG11377 CG11378 CG11396 CG11398 CG1140 CG11406 CG11407 CG11416 CG11417 (LD23562) CG11417 (LD38432) CG11419 CG1142 CG11447 CG11448 CG11453 CG11459 CG11462 CG11475 CG11486 (LD14901) CG11489 (AT02150) CG11489 (GH08190) CG11508 CG11509 CG11523 CG11555 CG11583 CG11586 CG11596 CG11601 CG11617 CG11641 CG11642 CG11652 CG11655 CG11659 CG11660 CG11679 CG11699 CG1172 CG11727 (LD11130) CG11739 CG11753 CG11771 (LD37516) CG11771 (SD01727) CG11777 CG11781 CG11785 CG11791 CG11796 CG11798 (LD23883) CG11798 (LD36410) CG11816 CG11825 CG11836 CG11844 CG11857 CG11873 CG11877 CG11880 CG11899 CG11905 CG11906 CG11915 CG11920 CG11929 CG11963 CG11964 CG11968 CG11970 CG11980 CG11982 CG11990 CG12000 CG12006 CG12007 CG12011 CG12017 CG12020 CG12034 CG12042 CG12050 CG12054 CG12065 CG12071 CG12079 CG12081 CG12082 CG12084 CG12091 CG12094 CG12104 CG12107 (RE56128) CG12111 CG12114 CG12119 CG12121 CG12128 (GM02932) CG12129 CG12134 CG12147 CG12162 CG12177 CG1218 CG12182 CG12191 CG12204 CG12229 CG12239 CG12250 CG12252 CG12253 CG12267 CG12304 CG1231 CG12311 CG12314 CG12316 CG1233 CG12334 CG12338 CG1234 CG12340 CG12360 CG12367 CG12375 CG12391 CG1240 CG1241 CG12413 CG12423 CG12439 CG1244 CG12442 CG12446 CG1246 CG12480 CG12496 CG12534 CG12539 CG12540 CG12547 CG12550 CG12565 CG12576 CG12581 (GM02933) CG1259 CG12590 CG12607 CG12608 CG12609 CG12643 CG12679 CG12708 CG12721 CG1273 CG12734 CG12744 CG12750 (GH13383) CG12765 CG12769 CG12773 CG12785 CG12802 CG12806 CG12858 CG12863 CG12876 CG12877 CG12880 CG12885 CG12896 CG12909 CG12911 CG12920 CG12923 CG12926 CG12935 CG12946 CG12950 CG12983 CG12991 (RE60735) CG13003 CG13005 CG13008 CG13025 CG13033 CG13041 CG13049 CG13088 (AT02038) CG13102 CG13110 CG13124 CG13125 CG13127 CG13131 CG13140 CG13160 CG13168 CG13181 CG13183 CG13185 CG13189 CG13196 CG13197 CG13203 CG13204 CG13211 CG13216 CG13220 CG13224 CG13229 CG13237 CG13280 CG13290 CG13295 CG13297 CG13298 CG13318 CG13321 CG13325 CG13339 CG13340 CG13344 CG13349 (HL05577) CG13366 CG13372 CG13385 CG13390 CG13393 CG13397 CG13398 CG1342 CG13424 CG13434 CG13436 CG1344 CG13442 CG13444 CG13455 CG13457 CG13466 CG13471 CG13472 CG13506 (RE21686) CG13531 CG1354 CG13550 CG1358 CG13581 CG13594 CG13602 CG13605 CG13607 (GH05104) CG13611 CG13620 CG13624 CG13625 CG13627 CG13640 CG13645 CG13667 CG13679 CG13699 CG13704 CG1371 CG13737 CG13741 CG13742 CG13784 (GH13387) CG13784 (SD10385) CG13795 CG13812 CG13826 CG13848 CG13850 CG13852 CG13868 CG1387 CG13887 CG13889 CG13890 CG13893 CG13894 CG13895 CG13897 CG13900 CG13901 CG13908 CG13912 CG13916 CG13917 CG13920 CG13921 CG1397 CG13983 CG13991 CG13993 CG13995 CG14000 CG14015 CG14017 CG14023 CG14038 CG14040 CG14044 CG1409 CG14098 CG14100 CG14102 CG14117 CG14153 CG1416 CG14186 CG14206 CG14207 CG14212 CG14214 CG14215 CG14217 CG14222 CG14229 CG14230 CG14232 CG14243 CG14253 CG14265 CG14290 CG14291 CG14299 CG14305 CG14309 CG14322 CG14327 CG14329 CG14339 CG1434 CG14352 CG14356 CG14375 CG14391 CG14408 (GH19670) CG14423 CG14427 CG1443 CG14438 (GM06595) CG14447 CG14450 CG14452 (RE59202) CG14476 CG14500 CG14507 CG14508 CG14516 CG14526 CG14528 CG14534 CG14542 CG14543 CG1458 CG14598 CG14605 CG1461 CG14614 (GM08142) CG14614 (LD21275) CG14615 CG14617 CG14643 CG14646 CG14648 CG14650 CG14655 CG14657 CG14662 CG14667 CG14670 CG14685 CG14689 CG14710 CG14722 CG14735 CG14736 CG14748 CG14762 CG14767 CG14786 CG14801 (LD38414) CG14804 CG14805 CG14812 CG14814 (GM08325) CG14815 CG14838 CG14855 CG14856 CG14879 CG14889 CG14896 CG14897 (GM04711) CG14898 CG1490 CG1492 CG14935 CG14937 CG14948 CG14962 CG14965 CG14968 CG14969 CG14980 CG14989 CG14991 (GM03112) CG14997 CG14998 CG15005 CG15012 CG15021 CG15043 CG15056 CG15067 (RH05091) CG15073 CG15080 CG15093 CG15094 CG15096 CG15097 CG15111 CG15120 CG15128 CG1514 CG15141 CG15143 CG15168 CG15177 CG1518 CG15208 CG15211 CG1523 CG15236 CG15252 CG15296 CG15312 CG1532 CG15335 CG15382 CG15390 CG15427 CG15433 CG15435 CG1544 CG15450 CG15478 (RE06823) CG1548 CG15482 CG15498 CG15506 CG15514 CG15515 CG15524 CG15530 CG15543 CG15561 CG15611 (RE34668) CG15626 CG15631 CG15634 CG15675 CG15676 CG15695 CG15701 CG15715 CG1572 CG15727 CG15735 CG15737 CG15747 (GM10183) CG15764 CG15771 CG15786 CG15814 CG15818 CG1582 CG15824 CG15828 CG15835 CG15878 CG15884 CG15925 CG1603 CG1607 CG1622 CG1625 CG1646 CG1655 CG1657 CG16721 CG16727 CG1674 CG16742 CG16752 CG16758 CG1677 (LD45662) CG1677 (RH35718) CG16793 CG16798 CG16807 CG16812 CG16817 CG16820 CG16837 CG16838 CG16840 CG16853 CG16863 CG16865 CG16868 CG16876 (RE50045) CG1688 CG16884 (HL02234) CG16885 CG16894 CG16896 CG16903 CG16912 (GM10508) CG16926 CG16936 CG16940 CG16941 CG16953 CG16959 CG16969 CG16972 CG16974 (LD10349) CG16975 (SD07336) CG16984 CG16996 CG17005 CG17010 CG17018 (RE40762) CG1702 CG17022 CG17030 CG17032 CG17033 CG17034 CG17081 CG17083 CG17109 CG17124 CG17145 CG17149 CG17153 CG1716 CG17163 CG17167 CG17168 CG17187 CG17191 CG17218 (RE65321) CG17219 CG17223 CG17237 CG17249 CG17255 CG17270 CG17270 (GM10285) CG17273 (LD32788) CG17274 CG17286 CG17290 CG17292 CG17293 CG1732 CG17322 CG17324 CG17325 CG17361 CG1737 CG17383 CG17387 CG17395 CG17397 CG17419 CG1745 CG1746 CG17475 CG17484 (LD33274) CG17493 CG1750 CG17509 CG17510 CG17540 CG17549 CG17556 CG17556 CG17572 CG17633 CG17639 CG17683 CG17691 CG17712 CG17717 CG17723 CG17724 CG17724 (LD47433) CG17726 (RE41779) CG17736 CG17737 CG17739 CG17744 CG17752 CG17754 (LD24240) CG17754 (LP02641) CG17764 CG17765 CG17766 CG17778 CG17786 CG17816 CG17829 CG17836 CG17841 CG17843 CG1789 CG17905 CG17912 (GH18623) CG17952 CG1796 CG17977 CG1800 CG18005 (LD21347) CG1801 CG18012 CG18013 CG18030 CG18031 CG18041 CG18048 CG18088 CG1809 CG18177 CG18178 CG18210 CG18211 CG18212 (LD29525) CG18212 (SD10611) CG18213 (RE05389) CG18223 CG18292 CG18314 (GH08370) CG18317 CG1832 CG18331 CG18358 CG18369 CG1837 CG1839 CG18445 CG18446 CG18468 CG18473 CG18480 (LP08921) CG18480 (LP11031) CG18508 CG18542 CG18549 CG18558 CG18596 CG18599 CG18609 CG18616 CG18616 CG18659 CG18745 CG18746 CG18749 CG18754 CG18764 CG18769 (GH22890) CG18769 (LD26402) CG18777 CG18815 CG1884 (LD42146) CG1885 CG1886 CG18870 CG1893 (GH10494) CG1893 (RE03306) CG1906 CG1910 CG1927 CG1942 CG1962 CG1967 CG1969 CG1970 CG1983 CG1986 (RE58783) CG2003 CG2006 CG2016 CG2031 CG2049 CG2082 (GH02439) CG2083 (HL03404) CG2083 (SD02338) CG2091 CG2100 (GM13341) CG2100 (LP10544) CG2112 CG2113 CG2116 CG2124 CG2157 CG2158 CG2159 CG2162 (LD38004) CG2162 (LD40717) CG2165 CG2199 CG2201 CG2211 CG2213 CG2217 CG2218 CG2219 CG2222 CG2229 CG2233 (GH04674) CG2233 (GH20802) CG2246 CG2258 CG2260 CG2263 CG2264 CG2277 CG2291 CG2292 CG2336 (AT02427) CG2336 (AT02555) CG2444 CG2469 CG2493 CG2503 CG2519 CG2604 CG2614 CG2641 CG2656 CG2658 CG2662 CG2669 CG2678 CG2691 CG2712 CG2750 CG2765 CG2767 CG2772 CG2791 CG2811 CG2818 CG2837 CG2843 CG2846 (GM04958) CG2846 (RE45482) CG2852 CG2854 CG2893 CG2909 CG2915 CG2918 CG2919 CG2924 CG2930 CG2931 CG2938 (SD03002) CG2947 (GM09909) CG2947 (LD46530) CG2962 CG2964 CG2967 CG2970 CG2972 CG2980 CG2989 CG2990 CG2991 (GM01456) CG2991 (LD08641) CG30007 (LD29335) CG30015 (GH16858) CG30015 (GH22734) CG3002 (LD22310) CG3002 (LD41311) CG30023 CG30035 (LP03341) CG30035 (RH04286) CG30044 CG30046 CG3008 CG30085 (LD22218) CG30089 (GH28016) CG30089 (LD39940) CG30111 CG30115 (AT03020) CG30115 (GH16956) CG30116 (AT26369) CG30118 CG30122 (LD24631) CG30156 CG30161 CG30171 (GH20492) CG30183 CG30194 CG30217 CG30293 CG3033 CG30332 CG30349 CG30372 (SD04969) CG30384 CG30389 (GH12043) CG30393 CG30394 (LP02363) CG30394 (RE05944) CG30403 CG30404 CG30421 (GH27809) CG30426 CG30427 CG30431 CG30437 (HL05804) CG30440 CG30442 CG30456 (AT26020) CG30457 CG30460 (AT29286) CG30461 (AT28654) CG30463 (AT15631) CG30463 (RE10344) CG30467 CG30480 CG30494 CG30497 (LD38749) CG30502 CG3056 CG3077 CG3085 CG3095 CG3097 CG31002 CG31004 (LP04442) CG31006 CG31010 CG31012 CG31028 CG31038 (GH10942) CG31038 (GH14951) CG3104 CG31040 CG31055 CG3106 CG3107 CG31088 CG31090 (RE27406) CG31099 CG31100 CG31106 CG31108 CG31109 CG31116 (RE62514) CG31120 (LD22945) CG31121 (RE11181) CG31127 CG31132 (AT13643) CG31132 (LD40380) CG31133 CG31142 CG31145 CG31146 (AT29074) CG31146 (Nlg1) CG31148 CG31150 CG31156 CG31160 CG31176 CG31187 CG31191 CG31212 (SD02886) CG31221 CG31224 (LD06123) CG31231 CG31235 CG31236 CG31245 CG31246 CG31249 (RE59232) CG31259 CG31272 CG31275 CG31284 (HL04706) CG31291 CG31300 CG31301 CG31320 CG31323 CG31337 CG3135 CG31352 CG3136 (GH05757) CG3136 (LD12677) CG31361 CG31363 (LD21358) CG31365 CG31367 CG31368 (GM03621) CG31368 (LP02069) CG31368 (RE35509) CG31391 CG31431 CG31446 CG31453 CG3149 CG31522 (LD10305) CG31522 (LD14383) CG31529 CG31530 (RE02696) CG31530 (RE24196) CG31531 (GH25780) CG31534 CG31536 (SD09116) CG31542 CG31559 CG31607 CG31612 CG3162 CG3163 CG31633 CG3167 CG31675 CG31678 (AT26765) CG31682 CG31694 CG31705 CG31714 CG31716 CG31722 CG31731 (AT04810) CG31731 (LD33192) CG31732 (SD06513) CG31735 CG31751 CG31759 (AT13596) CG31759 (LD05405) CG31764 (RE18101) CG31778 CG31790 CG31802 CG31810 CG31815 CG31823 CG31826 CG3184 CG31846 CG31867 CG31869 CG31871 CG31908 CG3191 CG31910 CG31933 CG31974 CG31992 (LD47780) CG31998 CG31999 CG32000 (LD05303) CG32026 CG32029 (RE57183) CG3203 CG32030 (LD24110) CG32037 CG32039 CG32043 (LD13887) CG32043 (LD45273) CG32046 (LP08452) CG32046 (RE37150) CG32048 (RE25591) CG32048 (RE71517) CG32057 CG32062 (AT24801) CG32062 (LD15974) CG32063 CG32066 CG32067 CG32081 (AT16007) CG32081 (AT21186) CG32086 CG3209 CG32095 CG3210 CG32102 CG32103 (RE56970) CG32106 CG3213 (AT14909) CG32130 (GH02003) CG3215 CG32150 CG32158 (SD10674) CG32159 CG32164 (RE37107) CG32176 CG32181 CG32183 CG32189 CG32204 CG32207 CG32210 CG3222 CG32227 CG3223 CG32244 CG32245 (GH04632) CG32264 (GH21062) CG32269 CG32276 CG32278 CG32296 CG32306 (LD29569) CG3231 CG32316 (GH27234) CG32343 CG32344 CG32354 CG32372 CG32392 (GH13213) CG32394 (LD41761) CG32396 CG32406 CG32409 CG32418 CG32423 (GM08769) CG32428 CG32442 CG32447 (LP07906) CG3246 CG3249 (GM04319) CG3249 (GM14014) CG32509 CG3252 CG32533 CG32549 CG32556 (RE02873) CG32575 (GM07804) CG32576 CG32594 CG32625 CG32626 (RE05438) CG32634 CG32645 CG32654 (RE70141) CG32663 CG32672 CG32694 CG32703 CG32705 (GH26280) CG32709 CG32721 CG32736 CG3274 CG32756 CG32767 (LD34931) CG32782 CG3279 CG32796 (RE01910) CG32796 (SD07678) CG3281 CG32810 (GM03763) CG32810 (LD45918) CG32813 CG32816 CG32827 CG32833 CG32843 CG3287 CG32912 CG3292 CG3294 CG3295 CG32951 CG32982 (GH13229) CG32982 (RE11317) CG3303 CG33052 CG33067 CG33080 (RH04764) CG33095 CG33097 CG33099 CG33104 CG33108 CG33128 CG33129 CG33129 (AT01533) CG33130 (AT18914) CG33130 (LD43063) CG33147 (AT20189) CG33157 CG33174 CG33187 CG33203 (HL06052) CG33213 CG33229 CG33233 CG33248 CG3330 CG33301 CG3332 CG33331+CG33332 CG3338 CG3363 CG3371 CG3376 (GH14130) CG3376 (LD42214) CG3403 CG3407 CG3408 CG3409 CG3420 CG3434 CG3448 CG3457 CG3473 CG3476 CG3488 CG3502 CG3505 CG3508 CG3509 CG3522 CG3523 CG3529 CG3530 CG3534 CG3541 CG3542 CG3546 CG3563 (LD41490) CG3564 CG3571 CG3578 CG3581 CG3587 CG3588 CG3590 CG3605 CG3610 CG3611 CG3618 CG3622 (AT15733) CG3622 (GM08694) CG3625 CG3626 (RE39339) CG3631 CG3632 CG3645 CG3654 (LD39559) CG3662 CG3663 CG3679 CG3683 CG3689 CG3731 CG3732 CG3734 CG3759 CG3764 CG3781 CG3799 CG3800 (GM14667) CG3800 (LD48005) CG3803 CG3808 CG3809 (AT16233) CG3819 CG3825 CG3837 CG3860 CG3868 CG3875 CG3878 (GH01486) CG3880 CG3883 CG3887 CG3893 CG3906 CG3909 CG3910 CG3927 CG3947 CG3960 (GH23906) CG3961 (SD01152) CG3964 (AT22192) CG3967 CG3975 (GH08865) CG3994 (RE54080) CG40006 CG4004 (GM05855) CG40045 CG40049 CG4005 CG40160 CG40192 CG40198 CG40218 CG40228 CG4025 CG40278 CG40283 CG40289 CG40293 (Stlk) CG40301 CG4038 CG4040 CG4045 CG4061 CG4065 (AT26759) CG4068 CG4069 CG4078 CG4080 CG4091 CG4119 CG4124 (LD47649) CG4124 (SD07532) CG4133 CG4140 (AT29831) CG4164 CG4169 CG4194 CG4196 CG4203 CG4221 CG4238 CG42533 (Ziz) CG42611 (mgl) CG4266 CG4272 (GH09817) CG4278 CG4281 CG4282 CG4289 CG4293 CG4294 (LD07143) CG4300 CG4301 CG4302 CG4306 CG43122 (cic) CG4313 CG4322 CG4330 CG4347 (LD13601) CG4351 CG4357 CG4362 CG4364 CG4365 CG43726 (qin) CG4389 CG4390 CG4406 CG4407 CG4413 CG4415 CG4420 (AT13091) CG4420 (GM04037) CG4424 CG4434 CG4440 CG4452 CG4455 (LD36923) CG4495 CG4497 CG4500 CG4511 (RE29349) CG4523 CG4532 (LD08951) CG4532 (LD25748) CG4552 CG4572 CG4576 CG4589 CG4593 CG46037 (flam) CG4607 CG4611 CG4612 CG4616 (LD12230) CG4616 (LD48056) CG4622 CG4623 CG4644 CG4648 CG4655 CG4656 CG4658 CG4661 CG4666 CG4670 CG4673 CG4678 CG4679 CG4684 CG4692 CG4699 CG4702 CG4706 CG4709 CG4710 CG4714 CG4730 CG4734 CG4744 CG4747 CG4749 CG4751 CG4764 CG4766 CG4771 CG4778 CG4784 CG4800 CG4802 CG4810 CG4827 CG4839 CG4845 CG4848 CG4849 CG4851 CG4857 (LD28992) CG4857 (LD29423) CG4866 CG4875 CG4882 CG4887 CG4893 CG4901 CG4908 CG4917 CG4925 CG4930 (LD25338) CG4933 CG4936 CG4942 CG4946 CG4949 CG4951 CG4963 CG4966 CG4968 CG4972 CG4989 CG5002 CG5009 (GH01266) CG5009 (GH07485) CG5013 CG5018 CG5021 CG5024 CG5026 (LD09625) CG5026 (LD48015) CG5027 CG5033 CG5047 CG5056 CG5059 CG5063 CG5064 CG5071 CG5077 CG5091 CG5094 CG5098 CG5103 CG5112 CG5114 CG5116 CG5118 CG5122 CG5127 CG5131 CG5144 CG5146 CG5149 CG5150 CG5155 CG5160 CG5161 CG5169 CG5171 CG5174 CG5175 CG5181 CG5189 CG5196 CG5204 CG5208 CG5214 (GM01350) CG5220 CG5226 CG5235 CG5237 CG5254 CG5261 CG5278 CG5284 CG5288 CG5292 CG5295 CG5315 CG5325 CG5326 CG5333 CG5335 (GM04669) CG5344 CG5355 CG5358 CG5360 CG5362 CG5381 CG5382 (GM05688) CG5382 (RE29207) CG5384 CG5397 CG5402 CG5410 CG5429 CG5434 CG5439 CG5445 CG5446 CG5451 CG5458 CG5468 CG5469 CG5480 CG5484 CG5500 CG5505 CG5508 CG5510 CG5514 CG5515 CG5516 CG5522 (LD24677) CG5532 (GM04427) CG5535 CG5539 CG5541 CG5543 (LD31556) CG5550 CG5554 CG5555 CG5567 CG5568 CG5571 CG5582 CG5590 CG5591 CG5594 CG5613 CG5614 CG5620 CG5629 (GH03502) CG5630 CG5632 CG5640 (LD05703) CG5642 CG5645 CG5651 CG5653 CG5662 CG5669 CG5677 CG5684 (GH06247) CG5684 (GM14316) CG5690 CG5705 CG5720 CG5726 CG5728 (LD41803) CG5731 CG5732 CG5733 CG5735 (GH28038) CG5735 (LP05645) CG5742 CG5744 CG5755 CG5765 CG5768 CG5790 CG5792 CG5800 CG5805 CG5807 CG5808 CG5819 CG5822 CG5840 CG5849 CG5854 CG5857 CG5861 CG5862 CG5867 (GH05536) CG5872 CG5873 CG5886 CG5888 CG5899 CG5902 CG5906 CG5913 CG5919 (GM08271) CG5931 CG5933 CG5958 CG5964 CG5969 (RE53796) CG5970 CG5971 CG5972 CG5973 CG5989 CG6014 (GH11973) CG6017 CG6022 CG6028 CG6041 CG6049 CG6116 CG6119 (GH16917) CG6126 CG6128 (RE43246) CG6129 CG6138 CG6145 CG6153 CG6169 (GM04208) CG6178 (RE32988) CG6179 CG6181 (LD32717) CG6181 (LD41624) CG6184 CG6190 CG6191 CG6197 CG6206 CG6210 CG6214 CG6216 CG6218 CG6225 CG6227 CG6230 (GH06032) CG6234 CG6241 CG6255 CG6259 CG6279 CG6282 CG6293 CG6295 CG6310 (AT03632) CG6310 (GH06380) CG6322 CG6325 (LD43055) CG6330 CG6333 CG6337 CG6345 CG6347 CG6355 (LD46512) CG6355 (LP05464) CG6356 CG6357 (GM07827) CG6361 CG6370 CG6372 (AT03383) CG6379 CG6380 CG6386 CG6401 CG6404 CG6409 CG6412 CG6420 CG6422 CG6424 CG6425 CG6432 CG6437 CG6454 CG6455 CG6459 CG6460 CG6465 CG6467 (LP10918) CG6478 CG6479 CG6495 (GH10711) CG6506 CG6509 (LD07392) CG6512 CG6513 (LD13184) CG6513 (LD19034) CG6540 CG6543 CG6551 (fu) CG6560 CG6563 CG6567 CG6568 CG6579 CG6583 CG6608 CG6610 CG6617 CG6621 CG6629 CG6634 CG6638 CG6650 CG6652 CG6661 CG6668 CG6673 CG6683 CG6686 (LD23187) CG6689 CG6691 CG6694 CG6697 CG6701 CG6704 CG6709 CG6718 CG6726 CG6733 CG6739 CG6744 CG6745 CG6746 CG6751 CG6755 CG6756 CG6764 CG6766 CG6767 CG6776 CG6782 (sea) CG6790 CG6791 (LD43035) CG6803 (RH68506) CG6830 CG6833 CG6842 CG6859 CG6860 CG6866 CG6876 CG6879 CG6885 CG6888 CG6896 CG6897 CG6904 CG6907 CG6946 CG6958 CG6961 CG6967 CG6969 CG6983 CG7003 CG7011 CG7015 CG7016 CG7017 CG7023 CG7028 CG7033 CG7039 CG7047 (RE30730) CG7047 (RE65532) CG7049 CG7051 CG7053 CG7054 CG7055 CG7058 CG7065 CG7071 (RE40914) CG7091 CG7093 CG7094 CG7097 CG7101 CG7102 (LD40565) CG7110 (LD39933) CG7115 CG7120 CG7130 CG7139 CG7142 CG7144 CG7146 CG7154 CG7158 CG7163 (GH05885) CG7163 (GH08776) CG7168 CG7177 CG7179 CG7180 (RE67475) CG7182 CG7185 CG7197 CG7202 CG7206 CG7212 CG7214 (HL02931) CG7222 CG7228 CG7248 CG7261 CG7262 CG7264 CG7271 CG7282 CG7288 CG7289 CG7290 CG7306 CG7309 CG7312 (GH14092) CG7319 CG7328 CG7337 (LD01189) CG7337 (LD47622) CG7338 CG7356 CG7357 CG7359 CG7364 (GH02822) CG7364 (LD32761) CG7372 CG7375 CG7379 CG7382 (GM05057) CG7382 (RE50726) CG7406 CG7420 CG7427 CG7441 CG7456 CG7457 CG7458 CG7461 CG7492 CG7510 CG7516 (LD41558) CG7519 CG7530 CG7532 CG7536 CG7544 CG7546 (LD31525) CG7567 CG7573 CG7578 CG7580 CG7597 (GM01879) CG7603 CG7609 CG7611 CG7638 CG7639 CG7654 CG7663 CG7668 (GM07843) CG7668 (RE40293) CG7670 CG7671 CG7675 CG7678 CG7686 CG7692 CG7702 CG7708 CG7715 CG7718 CG7722 CG7728 CG7729 CG7730 CG7752 CG7757 CG7759 CG7768 CG7781 CG7785 CG7787 CG7789 CG7800 CG7806 CG7816 CG7834 CG7839 CG7841 CG7843 (LD27090) CG7843 (LP08544) CG7846 CG7855 CG7856 CG7859 CG7860 CG7866 CG7870 (GH09240) CG7884 CG7886 CG7888 CG7889 (RE45246) CG7890 CG7891 CG7916 (LP05416) CG7916 (RE38722) CG7920 CG7927 CG7928 CG7945 (LD01461) CG7945 (LD01950) CG7946 CG7970 CG7972 CG7979 CG7985 (GH04120) CG7986 CG7987 CG7990 CG7998 CG8003 CG8004 CG8010 CG8031 CG8032 CG8042 CG8044 CG8055 CG8057 CG8062 CG8069 CG8079 CG8080 CG8083 CG8092 (LD21608) CG8092 (LD41072) CG8097 CG8100 CG8105 CG8108 CG8116 CG8134 CG8142 CG8145 (GM04789) CG8147 CG8149 CG8152 CG8160 CG8170 CG8173 CG8191 CG8197 CG8206 CG8209 (GM09977) CG8209 (RE50471) CG8213 CG8214 CG8219 CG8223 CG8230 CG8232 (LD37466) CG8234 CG8235 CG8237 CG8241 CG8243 CG8247 CG8268 CG8272 CG8282 (RE38002) CG8286 CG8290 (LD24316) CG8290 (LD37351) CG8298 CG8309 CG8312 CG8315 CG8316 CG8320 CG8323 CG8327 CG8332 (RpS15) CG8349 CG8353 CG8359 CG8379 CG8386 CG8397 (AT26578) CG8398 CG8400 (LD03368) CG8400 (SD02625) CG8408 CG8412 CG8430 CG8443 (GM10569) CG8443 (LD19312) CG8444 CG8454 CG8455 CG8460 CG8461 CG8464 CG8475 (GH11862) CG8475 (LD15505) CG8478 CG8484 CG8486 (AT29333) CG8486 (LD05120) CG8490 CG8493 CG8494 (HL02756) CG8501 CG8503 CG8507 CG8525 CG8538 (HL04319) CG8538 (RE49017) CG8547 CG8552 CG8557 CG8562 CG8568 CG8569 CG8579 CG8583 CG8584 CG8589 CG8594 CG8598 CG8600 CG8602 CG8603 CG8605 CG8607 CG8611 CG8616 CG8630 CG8632 CG8646 CG8654 CG8665 CG8668 CG8671 CG8675 CG8677 (LD19244) CG8677 (LD41783) CG8696 CG8709 CG8710 (AT15675) CG8710 (GM04053) CG8713 CG8745 CG8756 CG8765 CG8778 CG8780 CG8783 CG8785 CG8786 (GM01527) CG8786 (RE69393) CG8798 CG8801 CG8806 CG8818 CG8831 CG8851 CG8852 CG8861 CG8863 (GM13664) CG8877 CG8878 (LD23371) CG8885 CG8892 CG8907 CG8913 CG8915 CG8920 (GH22439) CG8924 CG8939 CG8950 CG8958 CG8960 CG8963 CG8965 CG8974 CG8986 CG8993 CG9005 (GH03947) CG9006 CG9007 (GH26152) CG9007 (LD34994) CG9009 CG9023 CG9036 CG9044 CG9047 CG9063 CG9066 CG9086 CG9098 (LD41184) CG9112 CG9122 CG9123 CG9129 CG9134 CG9135 CG9140 (GM14163) CG9140 (RE33648) CG9144 CG9149 CG9154 CG9171 CG9186 (LP01162) CG9194 CG9200 CG9215 CG9227 CG9238 (RE56341) CG9240 CG9247 CG9248 CG9252 (LD08911) CG9252 (SD07269) CG9267 CG9272 CG9281 (GM14873) CG9281 (LD02975) CG9286 CG9288 CG9297 (HL06604) CG9305 CG9313 CG9316 CG9322 CG9326 (vari) CG9330 CG9339 (LD10117) CG9342 CG9346 CG9368 (HL03025) CG9372 CG9373 CG9376 CG9386 CG9392 CG9394 CG9404 CG9422 CG9425 CG9426 CG9436 CG9444 CG9455 CG9461 CG9466 CG9510 (AT18457) CG9512 CG9520 CG9524 CG9528 CG9531 CG9547 CG9568 CG9570 CG9572 CG9573 CG9577 CG9588 CG9590 CG9591 CG9597 CG9601 CG9603 CG9609 CG9613 CG9640 CG9641 CG9662 CG9664 CG9666 (LD25448) CG9666 (RE38022) CG9667 CG9673 CG9674 CG9699 (LD19219) CG9699 (LP06017) CG9702 CG9705 CG9717 CG9723 CG9727 CG9737 CG9740 CG9742 (RE61341) CG9752 (GM10268) CG9755 CG9757 CG9772 CG9775 CG9778 CG9796 CG9797 CG9809 (RE59722) CG9813 (GH03671) CG9825 CG9836 CG9837 CG9839 CG9849 CG9850 CG9861 CG9865 CG9867 CG9871 CG9876 CG9883 CG9894 CG9896 CG9922 CG9924 (GM07940) CG9925 (GM03859) CG9934 (LD24832) CG9940 CG9947 CG9951 CG9953 CG9977 CG9986 CG9993 CHES-1-like CHORD CLIP-190 (GM09007) CPTI CR14033 CR15345 CR18166 CR18217 CR18854 CR18854 (RE59362) CR30121 CR30425 CR31044 CR31386 CR31451 CR31647 CR31781 CR31781 (LP04536) CR31969 (GH01205) CR31969 (GH11322) CR32027 CR32028 (CG7015) CR32194 CR32205 CR32218 CR32252 CR32582 CR32646 (HL02010) CR32730 CR33938 (pncr002:3R) CR33945 CR33963 CR42549 CR42646 CR42651 CR42746 CR42862 CR42862 CR43174 CR43429 CR43463 CR43470 CR43476 CR43670 CR43964 CR44029 CR44690 CR44807 CR45018 CR45109 CR45923 CR46179 CR46268 CSN1b CSN3 CSN6 Ca-P60A (GH26644) Ca-P60A (GM04226) CaMKII Cad87A Cad96Ca CalpA CalpB Cam (LD02334) Camta Cap Catsup Cbp80 Ccm3 Cct1 Cct5 Cctgamma CdGAPr Cdc27 Ced-12 Cg25C (GM04010) Chc Chd1 Chd3 Chd64 CheA75a Chi Chit Chmp1 Chrac-14 Chrac-16 Chro Cht2 Cht3 (LP05745) Cip4 (GM03419) Cip4 (RE39037) CkIIalpha-i3 Clc Cnx99A (AT22968) Cnx99A (GH08684) CoVa Cont Coprox Corp Cortactin Cp1 (GH06439) Cp190 Cpr Crk Crtp Csl4 Csp CstF-50 CycA CycB CycB3 CycC CycD CycE (LD22682) CycG CycK CycT Cyp12c1 Cyp12d1-d Cyp18a1 Cyp28a5 Cyp301a1 Cyp304a1 Cyp306a1 Cyp309a2 Cyp4e2 Cyp4p2 Cyp4p3 Cyp6a16Psi Cyp6a18 Cyp6a23 Cyp6a8 Cyp6d5 Cyp6t1 Cyp6u1 Cyp6w1 Cyp9b1 Cyp9f3Psi (AT15112) Cyp9f3Psi (RE06354) Cys Cyt-b5-r D D19A DIP1 DLP (LD29187) DLP (LD31537) DNApol-alpha180 DNApol-delta DNApol-iota DNAprim Dbp73D Dcr-1 Dek Df31 Dhc36C Dhc62B Dhh1 Dhod Dhpr Dif Dip-B Dip2 Dl Dlc90F Dlic2 Dll Dmn Dms Doa (LD31161) Doa (LD44053) Doc1 Doc2 Doc3 Doc{}331 Dox-A2 Dp1 (LD21383) Dp1 (LD21677) Dp1 (LD29992) Dph5 DppIII Dref Dscam (HL02328) Dscam (SD09407) Dsor1 E(bx) (LD30146) E(var)3-9 E23 (LP01481) E2f E2f2 E78 ECSIT EDTP ERR ERp60 Eb1 (RE41364) EcR (LD26915) EcR (RE16656) Ect3 Ect4 (GH07037) Ect4 (GH20978) Ef1alpha48D (LP10071) Ef1beta EfTuM Egfr Eig71Ed Eip55E Eip71CD Eip75B (GM02640) Eip75B (GM04985) Elf Elongin-B Elongin-C Eno (AT25373) Ent1 Ephrin Ero1L Esp Ets65A (GH07491) F-element{}1209 FB{}1097 (GM06806) FB{}1097 (RE54096) FK506-bp1 FK506-bp2 Fas1 Fas2 Fas3 Fbp2 (LP02809) Fdh (GM08044) Fdh (RE29421) Fer1HCH Fibp Fkbp13 (GM07659) Flo Flo-2 (LP11503) Fpps (GM06581) Fpps (RE52884) Fs Fst FucT6 FucTD Fur1 (LD33976) Fur1 (RE46710) G-ialpha65A G-salpha60A GABA-B-R3 GATAd GATAe GH06606 GH12056 GH22170 GH27226 GM02923 GM03761 GM04458 GM04742 GM04779 GM07040 GM07660 GM09570 GM10308 GM10545 GM10877 GM130 GalNAc-T1 GalNAc-T2 (LD27021) Galpha49B (LD13901) Gap1 (LD17675) Gap69C Gapdh1 (LD24323) Gapdh1 (RE69448) Gas8 Gbeta76C Gclm Gdh Gfat2 Ggamma1 Gip Gl GlcAT-I (GM03003) GlcAT-P (LD11648) GlcAT-P (LD23788) Glt Glu-RIIA GluRIID Glut1 Glut4EF Glycogenin Gmer (GM03782) Gmer (RE55674) Golgin84 Gp150 Gp93 Gpdh Gprk2 Grip128 Grip163 Grip71 Grip84 Grp1 Gs1l GstD3 GstD4 GstE3 GstS1 Gug (LD10989) Gug (LD21589) Gug (SD07343) H2.0 HBS1 HL03538 HL03793 HLHm3 HLHm5 HM_CR43261 HM_CR44931 HP1c Hel25E Hel89B Hexo1 (HL03862) Hexo2 Him His2Av His3.3A HmgD HmgZ Hmgcr Hmr (LD22117) Hmr (RE54143) Hnf4 Ho Hph (GH23732) Hph (RE70727) Hr39 Hr46 (GH09429) Hr46 (GH21112) Hr78 Hr96 Hrb27C (LD46853) Hs2st Hs6st Hsc70-3 Hsc70-4 Hsc70-5 Hsp23 Hsp26 Hsp27 (LP10040) Hsp60 Hsp60B Hsp68 Hsp70Aa Hsp83 IFa IP3K1 IP3K2 Ice Ide (HL03430) Idgf1 (GH18152) Idgf4 Idh Ilp4 Imp (SD07045) ImpE2 ImpE3 ImpL2 Indy Int6 (AT01736) Int6 (GM01233) Ip259 Iris Jafrac1 (GM14788) Jafrac2 JhI-21 Jheh2 Jheh3 Jra KP78b Kap-alpha1 Kap-alpha3 Keap1 Khc (SD02406) Klc Klp10A Klp3A Klp67A Kr KrT95D (AT03104) KrT95D (GM03043) Krn LD04986 LD06565 LD09675 LD11162 LD14268 LD27104 LD28384 LD43581 LIMK1 (GM09639) LP01608 LP07922 La Lag1 LanA LanB2 Lar Lasp Lgr3 Lip1 Lip4 Liprin-alpha Lis-1 Lk6 (GM07658) Lk6 (LD31983) Lkr Lmpt (RE65447) LpR1 LpR2 (LD11117) Lsd-1 Lsd-2 Lsp2 LvpD MAGE MBD-like MESR6 MICAL MICAL-like (LD27719) MRG15 MTA1-like (LD24461) MTA1-like (LD32549) Mad (RE38484) Magi (RE51969) Mapmodulin Max (HL03368) Mcm2 Mcm5 Mcr Mct1 Mdr65 Med6 Mef2 (LD08608) Mef2 (SD04091) Mekk1 Men Mer Mes-4 Mes2 (SD09884) Mes2 (SD10763) Mgat1 Mhcl (LP08646) Mio Mipp1 (RE51662) Mipp2 (LD12356) Mkk4 Mkp3 (RE08706) Mkp3 (SD06439) Mkrn1 Mlf Mms19 Mnt Mob1 (GH13236) Mob1 (HL04994) Moca-cyp Mpk2 Msr-110 Mst98Cb (AT01254) Mtch Mtl Mtor Myb Mys45A NC2alpha ND23 (GM02062) ND42 ND75 NFAT NLaz (LP01657) NLaz (RE67583) NTPase Nap1 Nca Nckx30C (HL01989) Nedd4 (LD31220) Nelf-E NetA NetB Neu3 Nf1 NfI Nhe1 Nhe2 NiPp1 NitFhit Nlp Nmdar1 Nnp-1 Noa36 Nop60B (AT23018) Nop60B (GM08026) Nopp140 Nos Nrg Nrt (GM09828) Nrt (LD22004) Nrx-1 (LP03809) Nufip Nup153 (LD47460) Nup154 Nup358 Nup58 Nurf-38 Oat Oatp30B Oatp33Eb Oatp58Db (GH08870) Oatp58Dc Obp56a Obp56d Obp83g Oda (GH26763) Oda (RE14453) Ogg1 Optix Orc1 Orc4 Orc5 Orc6 Orc6 (LD28671) Oscillin Oscp Osi17 Osi18 Osi20 Ost48 Ote PDCD-5 PEK PGRP-LE PGRP-LF PH4alphaNE1 PH4alphaNE2 PH4alphaNE3 PH4alphaSG2 PHGPx PIP5K59B PP2A-B' (GM05554) PP2A-B' (LD29902) PTP-ER Paip2 Pak Parp (RE04933) Patj Pbgs Pbprp2 (HL07789) Pc Pcaf Pcp Pde6 Pdk (LD09837) Pdk (LD23669) Pdsw (GM03559) Pen Pep Pfk Pfrx Pgd Pgi Pglym78 PhKgamma (GH22314) PhKgamma (GH28523) Phm Pi3K59F Pi4KIIalpha Picot Pif1A (GH05455) Pif1A (GH12504) Pif2 Pitslre Pka-R1 (GH24529) Pka-R1 (LD43873) Pka-R2 (GM01761) Pli Plkk1 (GH09291) Plkk1 (SD10926) Pmm45A Pp1alpha-96A Pp2A-29B (LD10247) Pp2B-14D Pp4-19C PpD5 Ppa (CG9952) Pph13 Ppn Pros26 Pros29 Pros35 Pros45 Pros54 ProsMA5 Prosalpha6 Prosap (GH23107) Prosap (RE43210) Prosbeta2 Prosbeta3 Prosbeta5 Prx2540-2 Prx5037 Prx6005 Psn Ptp4E Ptp61F Ptr Pvf3 Pvr Qm RE30346 REG Rab-RP3 Rab1 Rab14 (LD29476) Rab27 (GM10914) Rab3 Rab30 Rab35 (LD21953) Rab39 Rab4 Rab5 Rab8 Rac1 RacGAP84C Rad21 Rad21 Rala Rapgap1 Ras85D (LD17536) Ras85D (RE53955) Rbf (GH05946) Rbf (LD02906) Rbp4 Rca1 RecQ5 Reg-2 (AT28783) Reg-5 (RE54049) Rel RfaBp Rgk1 Rgl Rh50 Rheb Rho1 (LD03419) RhoBTB RhoGAP19D RhoGAP71E (LD04071) RhoGAPp190 (RE10888) RhoGEF2 RhoGEF3 (HL01913) RhoL Ric Rlb1 (GM08734) Rlc1 Rlip Rm62 (GH06343) Rm62 (LP04651) Rme-8 Rnp4F RnpS1 RnrS Roc1b Roc2 Roe1 (RE56495) Rox8 RpI12 RpI135 RpII140 RpII215 RpII33 (GH07456) RpL10Ab RpL10Ab RpL11 RpL12 RpL13 RpL13A RpL15 RpL18 RpL18A RpL19 (LD16326) RpL21 RpL24 RpL26 RpL27 RpL27A RpL28 (GH04183) RpL31 RpL32 RpL35A RpL37A RpL39 RpL4 RpL6 (RE08669) RpL7 RpL7A (RE05022) RpS10a RpS12 (LD23808) RpS13 RpS14a RpS15 RpS15Aa (LD18320) RpS15Aa (RE54483) RpS15Ab RpS20 RpS23 RpS24 RpS25 RpS28b RpS3 (AT18625) RpS3 (GH06471) RpS3A RpS5a RpS5b RpS6 RpS7 RpS9 Rpb5 Rpd3 Rpn1 Rpn11 Rpn12 Rpn5 Rpn6 (LD18931) Rpn9 Rpt4 Rrp4 Rrp46 Rrp6 (AT09955) Rrp6 (GM04108) Rs1 (GM05306) Rs1 (LD15481) Rsf1 Rtnl1 (LD14068) Rx Rya-r44F S2P S6k SC35 SCAR (GM03296) SCAR (SD02991) SD02447 SD06617 SF1 (RE28792) SMC2 SNCF SNF1A SNF4Agamma (CG17299) SNF4Agamma (RE22690) SP2353 SRPK (SD03158) SRPK (SD09672) SRm160 Sap-r Sara Sas10 Sb Sbf Sc2 Sce Scgbeta Scm Scs-fp (GH13919) Scsalpha (LD24889) Sd Sdc (LD08230) Sdc (RE22862) SdhB Sec61alpha Sema-1b Sema-2a (LD09306) Sema-2a (LD09561) Sema-5c Sep1 Sep2 Ser Ser6 Ser99Dc Set Sh (GH03046) Sh (RE58855) Shab Shaw Sir2 Sirt2 Sirt7 Skeletor (GH12580) Ski6 Slbp (GM06606) Slh SmD3 Smc5 (GM06601) Smg5 (LD22235) Smg6 Smn Smvt Snap Socs44A Sod Sop2 Spec2 Spn (LD45234) Spn27A Spn3 Spn43Aa Spn43Ab Spt-I Spt3 Spt5 Sptr Spx Spz3 Sr-CII Sra-1 (LD19991) Sra-1 (LD47929) Src64B Srp54 Srp54k (AT23778) Srp54k (GM09489) Sry-alpha SsRbeta Ssdp Ssrp Stat92E Ste12DOR (GM04658) Stim Su(H) Su(Tpl) Su(dx) (LD32282) Su(var)2-HP2 Su(var)205 Su(var)3-7 Su(var)3-9 SuUR Sucb Sug (GM06782) Sulf1 (LD03060) Surf6 Synd Syt7 SytIV Syx1A Syx6 (HL02043) Syx6 (RE35194) Syx7 T-cp1 TBPH TH1 TMS1 TSG101 TXBP181-like Taf10b Taf11 (LD46767) Taf11 (LP03430) Taf13 Taf2 Taf5 Taf8 Tailless Tal Tapdelta (GM12291) Tbp Tbp-1 Tdc1 (CG30445) Tektin-C Ten-a Ten-m (AT25108) TepII (GH01829) Tequila (SD02860) TfIIA-L TfIIA-S TfIIB TfIIEalpha TfIIFalpha TfIIFbeta TfIIS Tfb2 Tfb4 Thd1 (LP11673) Tif-IA Tim17b1 Tina-1 Tk Tkr Tl (RE46574) Tm1 (LD37158) Tm2 Toll-6 Tom Tom40 Top2 Top3beta TpnC73F TppII Tpr2 Tps1 (RE05454) Traf1 Traf2 Traf3 Trap170 Trap37 Tre1 Trf2 Trim9 Trip1 Trl (LD41963) Trn (LD19058) Trn-SR Trp1 Tsc1 Tsp29Fa Tsp42Ea Tsp42Eb Tsp42Ee Tsp42Ef Tsp42Eg (GM06962) Tsp42Eh Tsp42En Tsp66E Tsp74F Tsp96F Tudor-SN Tulp U2A U2af38 U2af50 UTPase Uba2 UbcD4 Ubi-p63E Ubp64E (LD38333) Ubx Uch-L3 (AT10619) Uch-L3 (LD24440) Ucp4C Uev1A Ufd1-like Ugt36Bc Ugt58Fa Ugt86Da (GM04645) Uhg5 Ulp1 Upf1 Upf3 Vang Vap-33-1 (GM03307) Vap-33-1 (LD30122) Vha16 (GH09168) Vha26 (GH03683) Vha68-2 VhaAC39 VhaSFD (LP03115) W WASp Wnt4 Wnt8 XNP (LD28477) XNP (SD07188) XRCC1 ZIP1 Zip3 Zyx102EF a aay ab ade5 adp ago (LD21322) ago (LD30271) al alien (SD08021) alpha-Est4 alpha-Est5 alpha-Man-I alpha-Man-II alpha-Man-IIb alpha-Spec alphaCop alphaTub67C amx ana ap (HL02012) aph-1 ara aret (LD29068) aret (RE72594) arg argos ari-1 ari-2 arm ase ash1 ash2 asp atm aur bab1 barr bc10 beat-IIa beat-Ic bel ben beta'Cop beta-Spec beta4GalT7 beta4GalTA (GH13356) betaCop betaTub85D bgcn bgm (GM14009) bib bic (GM05329) bic (GM13744) bif (LD24223) bip1 bip2 (GM10839) bip2 (LD19767) bip2 (LD24176) blot blue bnb bnl bol bonsai botv bowl brat (LD16270) brk brm bs bsk (HL02677) bt (GM10074) btsz (LP02621) btz bun bves (RE59473) bwa bxd by (RE65113) by (SD01953) c(2)M c(3)G (RE56519) c12.1 cac cact cactin cad cals capt cas caup caz (LD22761) cbx cdc2c cdi (GM10731) cenG1A (GM01069) cenG1A (LD11783) charybde (GH09771) charybde (LD22381) cher chic (LD15851) chico chif (LD19808) chrw cib cin ck clt clumsy cmp44E cnc cnn cno comr corn coro cos cp309 cpsf crb crc crl crn crol (GH27971) crp crq csw ct (RE08418) cta ctp cue cul-2 cup cype d4 dac dah dan danr dbe decay defl dei (AT16005) deltaCOP desat1 (RH21245) dia didum dik dikar disco diver2{}580 dl dlg1 (LD33841) dlp dm (LD32539) dmt dnc (GH12916) dnc (LP01841) dock dom (LD32234) dom (LD35434) dome dp (LP08904) dp (SD02173) dpa dpld (LD02463) dpld (LD39167) dpn dpp dre4 drk (LD12029) drl drm dro5 drpr ds dsd (LD38671) dy e(r) e(y)1 eEF1delta eIF-1A eIF-2beta eIF-3p66 (GM13889) eIF-3p66 (RH04128) eIF-4E eIF-4G (GM10051) eIF-4G (RE51676) eIF-5C eIF2B-alpha eIF2B-beta eIF3-S10 eIF5 eRF1 ea ear eas east ebi ect ed edl elk emb (LD45706) emc emp en endoB enok esc exd exex exu eya (GH05272) f-cup faf (LD22582) faf (RE01547) fau (HL01392) fau (HL07933) fax fbl fbp (GH01546) fbp (GH23730) feo (GM03548) ferrochelatase fkh fl(2)d flfl (LD13350) flw (GH05039) fng for (GH10421) for (LD46758) formin3 foxo (LD45950) fra fry (SD10447) fs(1)Yb fs(2)ltoPP43 ft ftz-f1 (LD34889) fu2 fwd fws fz fz3 fz4 fzy (LD44795) gammaCop (AT01724) gammaCop (RE62270) gammaSnap gammaTry gammaTub23C gammaTub37C gcl gel (GH21853) gem (GH01967) geminin gig gl (GH20219) glu (LD25919) gol gom gp210 granny-smith grau grk gro grp (LD42896) gt gukh (GM06978) gukh (RE59757) gus h halo hb hdc heph (LD03185) hgo hig hiw (LP10764) hkb hoe1 homer hpo hrg htl hug huntingtin hyd iab-4 ial ik2 in inaF (HL06663) ine (HL05815) inv inx3 iotaTry ird5 jbug (GH03013) jbug (GH03118) jeb jhamt jing jockey{}307 jumu kal-1 kat80 (LD44201) katanin-60 kay kel ken key kin17 kirre (AT15038) kirre (LD23922) kis (GM02209) kis (LD09721) kisir kls (GM08528) kls (LD36052) kn knk knrl kraken (GH09173) kst l(1)10Bb (LD21969) l(1)1Bi l(1)G0012 l(1)G0022 l(1)G0030 (GM05016) l(1)G0060 l(1)G0144 l(1)G0156 l(1)G0193 l(1)G0196 l(1)G0222 l(1)G0230 l(1)G0237 l(1)G0269 (LD08201) l(1)G0289 l(1)G0331 l(1)G0397 l(1)dd4 (GM14553) l(1)dd4 (LD14406) l(1)sc l(2)01424 l(2)02045 (GH21964) l(2)02045 (LP09416) l(2)05070 (GM04535) l(2)05070 (RE44901) l(2)05510 l(2)05714 l(2)06496 l(2)08717 l(2)09851 l(2)09851 l(2)35Bd (LD22017) l(2)35Df (GH07290) l(2)35Ea (LD22579) l(2)37Bb (RE18450) l(2)37Cc (GH12454) l(2)44DEa (LP07340) l(2)44DEa (SD02373) l(2)NC136 l(2)dtl l(2)gl l(2)k01209 l(2)k03704 l(2)k05713 l(2)k09913 l(2)k14505 l(2)k14710 l(2)k16918 l(2)not l(3)00305 l(3)01239 (RE13908) l(3)03670 l(3)05822 (LD16711) l(3)07882 l(3)10615 l(3)70Da l(3)73Ah l(3)82Fd (GH11677) l(3)j2D3 l(3)neo18 l(3)s1921 lab lambdaTry lap (GM10787) larp (GM07509) ldlCp lectin-24Db (HL05328) lectin-46Cb lgs lid lig lilli (GM02019) lin-28 lin19 loj lok lola (GH08307) lola (LD28033) lolal loner (RE02556) lt m2 mRNA-capping-enzyme mRpL1 mRpL11 mRpL15 mRpL16 mRpL17 mRpL19 mRpL2 mRpL21 mRpL22-24 mRpL28 mRpL30 mRpL3a mRpL4 mRpL46 mRpL46 (CG13922) mRpL5 mRpL50 (GM06185) mRpL7-L12 (GM03767) mRpL7-L12 (RE53508) mRpS10 mRpS11 (RE01527) mRpS17 mRpS30 mRpS7 mTTF (AT17625) mab-2 (SD05389) mael mago mal mas mask (GH26759) mask (LD04107) mask (LD31436) mav mbf1 (GH10148) mbf1 (GM01267) mdg3{}467 (LD15107) me31B mei-9 mei-P26 mei-S332 mfas milt (LD08974) milt (LD33316) miple2 mira mnd mod mod(mdg4) (LD27582) mod(mdg4) (SD03001) mod(r) mol (LD27791) mor morgue mr mre11 msb1l msk (GH01576) msk (LD30157) msl-1 msl-2 msl-3 mspo msps mtacp1 mthl3 mthl8 mts mu2 mub mud mus101 mus205 mus210 mus304 mxc mys n-syb nAcRalpha-30D nAcRbeta-64B nAcRbeta-96A nahoda (RE44714) nbs ncd nerfin-1 nes nesprin neur ninA nito (GH11110) nmd nmo (LD36031) nmo (LD42550) noc nocturnin nod nonA-l nop5 nord (AT02362) nord (RE56892) nos not nub nudC nuf (LD08622) nuf (RE46851) nullo numb odd ogre okr ome opa opus{}1381 (LD21171) orb os osk osp (LD14119) otp ovo (LD47350) oxt p115 p130CAS p38b (LD24658) p47 p53 pAbp pUf68 (GH01086) pain pan par-1 (GH01890) par-1 (GH14769) par-6 pav pbl pcm pdm2 (RE49429) peb per pfk pgant3 pgant5 pgant8 pgc ph-p phl (GH03557) pho phtf phyl pip pit (LD46167) pit (RE48840) piwi (GM05853) plexA (GM05237) plexA (LD15833) pncr013:4 polo pon pont porin ppa ppk ppl pr pr-set7 prd prominin-like (LD23965) pros (GH11848) pros (HL08040) ps psq pug put px pxt pyd (LD43161) qkr58E-1 qkr58E-2 qkr58E-3 qua r-l r2d2 (AT28705) rab3-GAP ran (GM14354) rap raps (LD33695) raps (RE22964) ras rb rec (GM13293) ref(2)P (GH06306) ref(2)P (RE24064) repo rept (GM08688) rept (LD12420) rexin (SD03761) rg rgr (SD02665) rhea rhea rhi rib rig rin rl rnh1 roX1 rogdi rols roo{}316 rost rst rt rtGEF ru run rux ry sage sala salr san sas sbb (LD21711) sbb (SD01229) sca scaf6 scaf6 scat scb sced scpr-C scra (LD23793) scrib (LD43989) scro scrt scylla sd sda (AT30002) sda (GH07466) sdk (LD22322) sds22 (GH07711) sec10 sec13 sec31 sesB (GM12886) sgl (GH20839) shi shot sip3 skd skl skpA sktl sl slbo slgA slim slmb (GM02031) slmb (LD08669) slo (GH10751) slp2 slpr smg (LD07551) smg (LD30037) smi35A (GH23334) smi35A (LD02884) smid smo smp-30 smt3 snRNP69D snRNP70K (RE35772) sna sno (GH06537) so sob sog sop spdo (GH23271) spen (GM01870) spen (LD03167) spin (HL03834) spri (AT01839) sqh srp ssh st (HL02418) stau (LD13210) stc stumps su(Hw) su(s) su(w[a]) sub sug sut3 svp (AT29920) svp (GH08189) sws (GM04921) syd syt (GH03937) syt (GH17619) syt (GM14109) tam tamo (LD23345) tap tara tef term th thetaTry tim tin tinc tkv tld tna (HL07357) tna (LD16921) tok (GH23184) tor torp4a (LD34179) torp4a (LP10386) toy (GH14454) trc trio (GH01987) trio (SD08659) trn trx tsh tsl tsu ttk (LD28689) ttv tub tun (LP02021) tup twi (AT15089) twi (AT17310) tws unc-119 unc-13 (GH09925) unc-13 (LD28927) unc-4 und ush usnp usp vav (LD25754) viaf1 vib vimar vis vkg vri wal (GH09945) wdn wdp wds wg wgn wibg woc wor wrapper xl6 yellow-e3 yellow-h yip2 yip6 yps (GH18372) yrt ytr z zetaTry zfh2 zormin zpg zwilch