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Result Summary

Number of genes 242
Genes AT27571 Acph-1 (CG7899) Ama Asph (GM05229) BcDNA:GH10270 Bsg25A Bsg25D Btk29A (LD16208) C3G (RE10624) CG10265 (RE23651) CG10516 CG10962 (RE29909) CG1120 CG11357 (RE75106) CG11437 CG11563 CG11798 (LD36410) CG11873 CG11909 CG12020 CG12045 CG1208 CG12177 CG12265 CG12496 CG12547 CG12975 CG12990 CG13016 CG13077 CG13151 CG13424 CG13463 CG13532 CG13550 CG13594 CG1360 CG13627 CG13679 CG14045 CG14122 CG14324 CG14326 CG14375 CG14408 (GH19670) CG14444 CG14545 CG14570 CG14693 (RE19466) CG14855 CG14866 CG15093 CG15233 CG15239 CG15554 CG15731 CG15786 CG15818 CG1643 CG16876 (RE33721) CG16912 (RE07958) CG17153 CG17290 CG1732 CG17322 CG17540 CG17562 CG17600 (RE73905) CG17680 CG1859 (Spn43Ad) CG2617 CG2663 CG30035 (RH04286) CG30158 CG3044 CG31102 CG31223 CG31463 CG31612 CG31646 CG31675 CG31871 CG32075 CG32207 CG32316 (GH27234) CG3252 CG32982 (RE11317) CG3355 CG34166 CG3578 CG3731 CG40460 CG4169 CG4233 CG4500 CG4573 CG4616 (LD48056) CG4788 CG4854 CG4866 CG5127 CG5489 CG5757 (RE69454) CG5844 CG5919 CG5928 CG6073 (RE15887) CG6091 (RE19005) CG6106 CG6145 CG6276 CG6406 (GH21176) CG6414 CG6751 CG6874 (RE10558) CG6885 CG6937 CG6986 CG7186 (SAK) CG7192 CG7239 (RE17389) CG7465 CG7628 CG7888 CG7945 (LD01950) CG8006 CG8027 CG8358 CG8638 CG8677 (LD19244) CG8738 CG9036 CG9215 CG9503 CG9505 CG9871 CG9925 (RE70955) CR18166 CR30029 CR30121 CR31781 (LP04536) CR32111 CR32194 CR32205 CR32582 CR32646 (RE25290) CR33945 CR40053 CR40465 CR42746 CR43097 CR43174 CR43242 CR43470 CR43649 CR43654 CR43670 CR43767 CR43944 CR43964 CR44029 CR44370 CR44690 CR44807 CR44945 CR45923 CR9162 CkIIalpha-i1 Cyp309a2 Cyp4d20 Cyp9b1 DHR38 Ddx1 Dys (RE11449) E(var)3-9 ERp60 Ero1L GH03916 Gdh Gfat1 GluRIID Grip71 HM_CR43261 HM_CR43617 HM_CR44931 HM_CR45750 HM_CR45751 Hsp27 (LP10040) ImpE2 Kr LD06565 Lis-1 MESK2 (GH02495) Mlc2 Mnn1 Prat S2P SerT Smvt TfIIFbeta Tkr Traf1 Trf Uhg5 Vps28 Wnt8 Zip88E ap (SD05618) b6 bcd bib bxd c(2)M cenB1A (GM06875) cid (CG13329) cl (RE06767) dpn eas gol gt hoe1 iab-4 inaC kek4 l(3)73Ah l(3)j2D3 mnd ninA piwi (CG6122) pncr015:3L ppl sano (RE56731) slp2 sna sog spn-D toy (GH14454) twi (AT17310) unc-4 vri yellow-h zpg