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Genes: CG13151


Area Images Terms
stage 1-3 Accumulation nuclear subregion
Cortical nuclei
Intranuclear accumulation
Nuclei associated localization
Random cortical nuclei
Stage 1-3
Subcellular localization patterns
Subset cortical nuclei
Weak expression (>41ms exp)
Zygotic starting stage 3
stage 4-5 Non-Expressed
Stage 4-5
stage 6-7 Non-Expressed
Stage 6-7
stage 8-9 Non-Expressed
Stage 8-9
stage 10-17 Non-Expressed
Stage 10-17


Area Images Terms
intestine Intestine
Not expressed in the intestine
nervous system Brain lobes - Significant area
Expressed in brain lobes
Expressed in ventral nerve cord
Nervous system
Optic lobe
Ventral nerve cord - foci or 'dots'
Ventral nerve cord - nuclear localization
Ventral nerve cord - particular area
Ventral nerve cord - subnuclear localization
lymph glands and ring glands Expressed in ring gland
Lymph Glands and Ring Glands
Ring gland
Ring gland - Cytoplasmic foci
Ring gland - Few and small foci
Ring gland - Subcellular localization


Good probe on gel' Transcript on 2R, partly nascent, partly nuclear subregion.