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Genes: CG7192


Area Images Terms
stage 1-3 Accumulation nuclear subregion
Intranuclear accumulation
Medium expression (21-40ms exp)
Nuclei associated localization
Other subcellular pattern
Stage 1-3
Subcellular localization patterns
stage 4-5 Accumulation nuclear subregion
Apical clusters
Apical enrichment
Apical localization
Embryonic localization patterns
Intranuclear accumulation
Medium expression (21-40ms exp)
Nuclei-associated localization
Stage 4-5
Subcellular localization patterns
stage 6-7 Degraded
Degraded completely stage 6
Stage 6-7
stage 8-9 Non-Expressed
Stage 8-9
stage 10-17 Non-Expressed
Stage 10-17


Area Images Terms
fat body Cytoplasmic foci
Expressed in fat body
Fat body
Fat body allover - Ubiquitous
Subcellular localization
intestine Intestine
Not expressed in the intestine
nervous system Nervous system
Not expressed in nervous system
salivary gland Not expressed in salivary glands
Salivary gland
lymph glands and ring glands Expressed in lymph glands
Expressed in ring gland
Lymph Glands
Lymph Glands - Cytoplasmic foci
Lymph glands all over
Lymph Glands and Ring Glands
Ring gland
Ring gland - Cytoplasmic foci
Ring gland - Subcellular localization
Ring gland allover
Subcellular localization in lymph glands


Good probe on gel Amazing localization, 'nuclear donuts'.