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Result Summary

Number of genes 122
Genes AT27946 Acon Alhambra (LD39491) Ank2 BcDNA:GH10270 Bsg25D CG10154 CG10361 CG10516 CG11319 CG11396 CG11533 CG11798 (LD36410) CG12006 CG12045 CG12213 CG12975 CG12990 CG13424 CG13463 CG14045 CG14122 CG14147 CG14149 CG14153 CG14324 CG14408 (GH19670) CG14545 CG14693 (RE19466) CG15212 CG15515 CG17290 CG1738 CG17691 CG18173 CG1859 (Spn43Ad) CG2617 CG30085 (RE66338) CG31463 CG31646 CG31675 CG32137 CG32316 (GH27234) CG3355 CG3437 CG3731 CG4169 CG4573 CG45783 (Pzl) CG4589 CG4854 CG5130 CG5756 CG6414 CG6751 CG6763 CG6885 CG6986 CG7017 CG7465 CG7628 CG7639 CG7685 CG8027 CG8188 CG8358 CG8579 CG8629 CG8780 CG9773 CG9871 CG9925 (RE70955) CR30029 CR31781 CR32111 CR32205 CR42651 CR43426 CR43470 CR45923 CR46179 CaMKI (GH05702) Ccm3 CkIIalpha-i1 Cyp309a2 Cyp49a1 (RE11411) Dys (RE11449) GH27226 GH27933 Grip71 HM_CR43261 HM_CR43617 HM_CR44931 HM_CR45750 HM_CR45751 Hsp27 (LP10040) Jon25Biii (CG8871) Lis-1 RE19504 Roe1 (GM03203) S2P Smvt Tdc1 (CG30445) Zip88E b6 bcd bgm (GM14009) bib bt (GM13171) bxd cas fs(1)N iab-4 inaC l(3)j2D3 nAcRalpha-80B piwi (CG6122) pncr015:3L spn-D toy (GH14454) twi (AT17310) zpg