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Result Summary

Number of genes 113
Genes Act42A Act87E (RE14441) Bka Bsg25A CG10050 CG10176 CG10247 (Cyp6a21) CG10265 (RE23651) CG10641 CG10904 CG10936 (RE29777) CG10948 CG11533 CG11873 CG12400 CG13197 CG13311 CG14048 (mRpL14) CG14229 CG14516 CG14572 CG15073 CG15212 CG1674 CG16787 CG16863 CG17273 (RE23826) CG17360 CG17691 CG18173 CG1859 (Spn43Ad) CG2163 (Pabp2) CG2812 CG31121 (RE11181) CG31146 (Nlg1) CG31871 CG32039 CG32473 (RE62048) CG33108 CG3353 CG3683 CG3884 CG46037 (flam) CG4854 CG5489 CG6091 (RE19005) CG6179 CG6551 (fu) CG6763 CG6874 (RE10558) CG7017 CG7111 (Rack1) CG7228 CG7239 (RE17389) CG8358 CG8778 CG8869 CG8878 (RE74744) CG9140 (RE33648) CG9245 CG9380 CG9449 CG9524 (RE59303) CG9928 CR18854 (RE59362) CR33945 CR42862 CR9284 Cat Cyp6d2 DHR51 DHR83 Grip71 HL03538 Hexo1 (RE27784) HmgZ Ide Jon25Biii (CG8871) Kr LD11162 Mad (RE72705) NetA Nxt1 Pabp2 Pcmt Pnn Rad17 RnrL (RE58177) RpL12 RpL24 RpL9 Rpb5 Rrp6 (GM04108) Sep1 Su(var)3-7 Surf4 Swim (CG3074) TfIIB UbcD2 Vha68-2 bsk (RE08746) cid (CG13329) cpo (RE30936) didum fdl (RE17456) ft mRpL46 (CG13922) mRpS2 mRpS26 mab-21 (RE21580) mthl14 odd tld