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Result Summary

Number of genes 178
Genes None ?Tub84B Act87E (RE14441) Ance Ank2 Arc32 Bsg25A Btk29A (LD16208) CG10338 CG10361 CG10624 CG10747 CG1091 CG11089 CG11261 CG11384 CG11533 CG11737 CG11811 (GH06691) CG12177 CG12213 CG12400 CG12870 CG12895 CG1291 (RE67594) CG13197 CG13295 CG13298 CG13506 (RE21686) CG13594 CG13912 CG14217 CG14229 CG14687 CG15233 CG15554 CG15643 CG15786 CG1674 CG16787 CG1703 CG17145 CG17273 (RE23826) CG1738 CG17493 CG18041 CG18088 CG18162 (GM03574) CG18173 CG18480 (LP08921) CG18854 (HL02309) CG1998 CG2051 CG2126 CG2163 (Pabp2) CG31090 (RE27406) CG31121 (RE11181) CG31146 (Nlg1) CG31871 CG32276 CG32343 CG3267 CG32843 CG3287 CG3305 CG33075 CG33145 CG3345 CG33521 CG3578 CG3683 CG4203 CG42258 CG4576 CG4827 CG4942 CG5196 CG5491 CG5571 CG5895 CG6040 (GM03427) CG6106 CG6125 CG6145 CG6406 (GH21176) CG7222 CG7348 CG7470 CG7997 CG8272 CG8579 CG8598 CG8710 (GM04053) CG8778 CG8869 CG9253 CG9330 CG9336 CG9524 CG9641 CG9667 CR31032 CR31044 CR31451 CR31647 CR33938 (pncr002:3R) CR42746 CR42862 CR9337 Ca-P60A (GM04226) CaMKI (GH05702) Cyp6t1 Dl Dys (RE11449) ECSIT Es2 Esp GH26692 Gdh GluRIID HL03538 HmgZ Hsp60 ImpE2 Irbp LD11162 Mlc2 NTPase NetA Nhe2 Nmdar1 Nxt1 Orc5 Pdp1 Pgm Pnn Rack1 Rad21 Roe1 (GM03203) RpL12 RpL24 SNF4Agamma (CG17299) Scm Sem1 (CG13779) Swim (CG3074) Tequila (GH28017) Tom Trap95 Tsp42Ee Ugt86Da (GM04645) WASp ase blp brat (LD16270) bt (GM13171) cid (CG13329) ckd crc dpp gk hyd kay l(1)G0030 (GM05016) mRpS17 mab-21 (RE21580) mira msk (LD30157) odd pan polo roX1 rt sca sdk (RE63453) slp2 tara vlc wds