A database of Drosophila embryo and larvae mRNA localization patterns

Drosophila embryos.

About Fly-FISH

This database documents the expression and localization patterns of Drosophila mRNAs at the cellular and subcellular level during early embryogenesis and third instar larval tissues. A high-resolution, high-throughput fluorescence detection method is used to detect expressed mRNAs. The overall findings and implications of the work performed are summarized in Lecuyer et al. (2007) and Wilk et al. (2016). The data can be accessed by searching the localization categories, searching for specific genes or browsing the list of tested genes.

If you use our image data please cite the Lecuyer et al. and the Wilk et al. papers and contact Dr. Henry Krause or Dr. Ronit Wilk for permission.


  • Embryo colors: DNA, RNA. Larval colors: DNA, RNA.
  • The tracheal system and the embryonic salivary glands often show non-specific background staining.


Probes 11604
Annotated Probes 8778
Genes 10118
Images 98337