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Result Summary

Number of genes 123
Genes Aats-arg Abd-B Adh (GH01616) CG10035 CG10265 (RE23651) CG12547 CG12643 CG13014 CG13197 CG13311 CG1360 CG13912 CG14516 CG1516 CG15203 CG17273 (RE23826) CG1732 CG17493 CG17508 CG17715 CG18156 CG18508 CG18528 CG18854 (HL02309) CG1998 CG2177 CG2973 CG31146 (Nlg1) CG32243 CG32276 CG32576 CG32656 CG3683 CG40460 CG4078 CG42679 (Lmpt) CG4500 CG46037 (flam) CG5343 CG5489 CG5800 CG5823 (RE16955) CG5840 (P5cr-2) CG5903 (RH01253) CG5919 CG5958 CG6091 (RE19005) CG6337 CG6551 (fu) CG7231 CG7239 (RE17389) CG7712 CG8298 CG8332 (RpS15) CG8788 CG8850 CG9036 CG9326 (vari) CG9422 CG9527 CR18854 (RE59362) CR31032 CR31044 CR31386 CR31451 CR31647 CR31912 CR32690 CR33963 CR40053 CR42549 CR42646 CR42746 CR42862 CR43464 CR43476 CR44052 CR44690 CR9337 DHR4 Doc{}1420 Eaat1 Eip75B (GM04985) Glu-RIIA Golgin84 Ide Ilp4 Lmpt (RE22626) Mct1 Mlc2 Nos Pros28.1 RE30346 Rack1 RpL10Ab RpL3 SF1 (RE28792) SNF4Agamma (CG17299) Sdc (CG10497) Sep1 Surf4 Surf4 (RE20382) Tailless Ten-m (AT25108) Tsp74F TwdlN VhaM9.7-2 bel brat (LD16270) cid (CG13329) dpp eIF-2beta fdl (RE17456) fng (CG10580) galectin hoe1 l(1)10Bb mRpS2 mab-21 (RE21580) pncr013:4 rap roX1 roo{}316