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Result Summary

Number of genes 104
Genes AP-1gamma Abd-B Act87E (RE14441) Adh (GH01616) Ama Ance Arc32 Bsg25A Btk29A (LD16208) CG11267 CG11357 (RE75106) CG11737 CG12213 CG14322 CG14814 (GM08325) CG15093 CG15233 CG15390 CG15786 CG1674 CG17691 CG17746 CG18173 CG31121 (RE11181) CG31871 CG3252 CG33303 CG3578 CG4233 CG4576 CG5903 (RH01253) CG6040 (GM03427) CG6551 (fu) CG8408 CG8598 CG8778 CG9036 CG9140 (RE33648) CG9380 CG9524 CG9524 (RE59303) CR14033 CR32027 CR32111 CR32385 CR32730 CR33963 CR43242 CR44029 CR44945 CR45018 CR9162 CR9284 DHR51 DHR83 DIP1 Dissatisfaction Dl E78 ECSIT ERR ERp60 EcR (LD26915) Eip75B (GM04985) GH27933 Glt GluRIID HL03538 HM_CR43617 Hnf4 Hr39 Hr46 (GH21112) Hr78 Hr96 Hsp27 (LP10040) Hsp60 Mad (RE72705) Nos Oscp Rab35 (LD28840) Rad21 RpL12 Scm Scs-fp (GH13919) Tailless Tom Tsp42Ee ap (SD05618) brat (LD16270) bt (GM13171) feo (GM03548) kay mRpS17 mRpS2 mab-21 (RE21580) pie run sca sip2 sog svp (GH08189) usp vlc yip6