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Result Summary

Number of genes 84
Genes Aats-arg CG10361 CG10516 CG11384 CG11533 CG11873 CG1291 (RE67594) CG13311 CG13875 CG14147 CG14430 CG14516 CG14866 CG14960 CG15233 CG17290 CG17843 CG2177 CG30463 (RE10344) CG31495 CG32075 CG32207 CG3287 CG3305 CG33116 CG3355 CG43122 (cic) CG5021 CG5757 (RE69454) CG5823 (RE16955) CG5844 CG6073 (RE15887) CG6091 (RE19005) CG6125 CG6685 CG6751 CG6763 CG6937 CG7239 (RE17389) CG7465 CG7628 CG7698 CG7945 (LD01950) CG8358 CG8677 (LD19244) CG8869 CG8924 CG9463 CR31912 CR42746 CR43174 CR43654 CR43964 CR44945 CR46179 CaMKI (GH05702) Cyp6d5 DHR51 E(var)3-9 GH03916 Ide Obp83g Prat RpL10Ab S2P Tkr c(2)M cid (CG13329) cin ckd dpn fdl (RE17456) feo (GM03548) gol hyd inaC mthl14 nAcRalpha-80B peb pncr013:4 pncr015:3L rt yellow-h zpg