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Result Summary

Number of genes 66
Genes AT27946 CDase CG10154 CG10176 CG10265 (RE23651) CG10641 CG10747 CG10962 (RE29909) CG14408 (GH19670) CG15212 CG15233 CG15626 CG15715 CG1859 (Spn43Ad) CG1998 CG2163 (Pabp2) CG31463 CG32039 CG3267 CG33129 CG3353 CG6040 (GM03427) CG6091 (RE19005) CG6874 (RE10558) CG7201 CG7459 CG8358 CG9036 CG9328 CG9463 CG9524 CG9871 CR18166 CR18217 CR30055 CR30121 CR31647 CR32730 CR43242 CR43649 CR43670 CR43767 CR44945 CR45923 CR46268 CR9162 CR9337 Caf1-180 (SD02526) F-element{}1209 Fur2 GH03916 Ide Mlc2 PDCD-5 RE19504 Roe1 (GM03203) Sirt2 Smvt Swim (CG3074) bel cg (LD21089) eIF-2beta pan pncr013:4 ppl zpg