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Result Summary

Number of genes 123
Genes AT27946 Ama Bka C3G (RE10624) CDase CG10265 (RE23651) CG10465 CG10516 CG10747 CG10948 CG11261 CG11416 CG12177 CG12268 CG13550 CG13679 CG13900 CG14153 CG15021 CG15212 CG1643 CG1703 CG17843 CG2177 CG2617 CG2973 CG30085 (RE66338) CG30158 CG31463 CG32137 CG32207 CG3267 CG32982 (RE11317) CG3355 CG3437 CG43122 (cic) CG4500 CG4573 CG4616 (LD48056) CG4788 CG5447 (RE57104) CG5469 CG5682 CG5823 (RE16955) CG5958 CG6337 CG6513 (LD13184) CG6685 CG7228 CG8272 CG8579 CG8665 CG8869 CG9036 CG9307 CG9336 CG9527 CR32111 CR32205 CR32252 CR32385 CR40465 CR42549 CR42651 CR42746 CR43097 CR43464 CR43476 CR43649 CR43670 CR43767 CR44029 CR44370 CR44945 CR45018 CR45923 CR46179 Cyp9b1 DHR4 DNApol-alpha73 (RE08009) Ddx1 E(var)3-9 E78 ECSIT Ero1L Fur2 GH27226 GH27933 Glt HL03538 Hnf4 Ide LD06565 Mlc2 Nmdar1 PDCD-5 RE19504 Roe1 (GM03203) SerT Sirt2 Srp54 Syx5 Vps28 b bt (GM13171) cad ckd cl (RE06767) ect l(3)73Ah mRpL10 (RE27758) melt ninA par-6 piwi (CG6122) pncr013:4 polo ppl roo{}316 sdk (RE63453) shn (GH23228) svp (AT29920) yip2