DHR51 CG16801

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Genes: DHR51


Area Images Terms
stage 1-3 Non-Expressed
Stage 1-3
stage 4-5 Non-Expressed
Stage 4-5
stage 6-7 Non-Expressed
Stage 6-7
stage 8-9 Non-Expressed
Stage 8-9
stage 10-17 Blastoderm nuclei
Perinuclear around ectoderm nuclei
Perinuclear localization
Polarized Ectoderm
Posterior spiracles
Segmented pattern
Small Foci
Small Foci in ectoderm
Small Foci in tracheal cells
Specific posterior spiracle pattern
Specific tracheal branches
Stage 10-17
Subcellular localization patterns
Tracheal lumen
Tracheal system


Area Images Terms
fat body Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Cytoplasmic foci
Expressed in fat body
Fat body
Fat body - Few and small foci
Fat body allover - Ubiquitous
Subcellular localization
intestine Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Expressed in malpighian tubules
Malpighian tubules - foci
Malpighian tubules allover
Malpighian tubules few foci
Subcellular localization in malpighian tubules
imaginal discs Antennal disc few cells - dots
Expressed in antennal disc
Expressed in eye disc
Expressed in leg discs
Expressed in wing disc
Eye disc allover
Eye disc apical
Eye disc few cells - dots
Imaginal discs
Leg discs allover
Leg discs few cells - dots
Leg discs particular pattern
Wing disc few cells - dots
Wing disc pouch
nervous system Brain lobes - Foci or dots
Expressed in brain lobes
Mushroom body
Nervous system
salivary gland Expressed in salivary glands
Nascent transcript in salivary gland
Salivary gland
Salivary gland - Cytoplasmic foci
Salivary gland - Small foci
Salivary glands allover
Subcellular localization in salivary gland
lymph glands and ring glands Borderline between 'not expressed' and 'low expression'
Expressed in ring gland
Lymph Glands and Ring Glands
Ring gland
Ring gland - Cytoplasmic foci
Ring gland - Few and small foci
Ring gland - Subcellular localization
Ring gland allover


Home made probe against exon 6.
Interesting pattern. Salivary glands and tracheal lumen, probably non-specific