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Result Summary

Number of genes 121
Genes CG32207 CG6513 (LD13184) CR32661 CR41257 CR42254 CR42645 CR42657 CR42859 CR43148 CR43174 CR43420 CR43484 CR43486 CR43492 CR43495 CR43608 CR43614 CR43625 CR43627 CR43627 CR43631 CR43632 CR43633 CR43656 CR43661 CR43670 CR43705 CR43721 CR43752 CR43802 CR43807 CR43848 CR43859 CR43939 CR43943 CR43958 CR43988 CR44017 CR44020 CR44071 CR44095 CR44111 CR44119 CR44185 CR44186 CR44237 CR44256 CR44280 CR44291 CR44299 CR44324 CR44330 CR44331 CR44337 CR44354 CR44412 CR44413 CR44420 CR44449 CR44450 CR44485 CR44510 CR44514 CR44553 CR44591 CR44655 CR44657 CR44670 CR44671 CR44753 CR44776 CR44805 CR44807 CR44824 CR44943 CR44953 CR44965 CR44977 CR44978 CR44984 CR45006 CR45043 CR45054 CR45109 CR45127 CR45170 CR45189 CR45228 CR45231 CR45242 CR45302 CR45376 CR45395 CR45401 CR45422 CR45449 CR45513 CR45520 CR45523 CR45542 CR45618 CR45630 CR45715 CR45722 CR45923 CR45939 CR45994 CR46036 CR46087 CR46088 CR46115 CR46253 CR46324 CR46325 CR46326 CR46327 CR46331 CR46333 CR46334 CR9162 LD06565