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Result Summary

Number of genes 321
Genes ?Tub84B ASPP AT27571 AT27946 ATPsyn-beta BcDNA:RH57193 CG10710 CG10747 CG10924 CG10962 (RE29909) CG11384 CG11737 CG11811 (RE11961) CG11873 CG12045 CG12870 CG13463 CG13900 CG14375 CG14670 CG14781 CG14960 CG15239 CG15554 CG15643 CG1674 CG17086 CG17397 CG18854 (HL02309) CG2126 CG30463 (RE10344) CG31084 CG31495 CG32160 CG3252 CG33129 CG3408 CG46037 (flam) CG4658 CG5491 CG5571 CG5895 CG6812 CG6885 CG7945 (LD01950) CG8665 CG8852 CG9117 CG9391 CR13130 CR14033 CR14310 CR15061 CR15345 CR18166 CR18217 CR18854 CR18854 (RE59362) CR30009 CR30029 CR30055 CR30121 CR30267 CR31032 CR31044 CR31144 CR31386 CR31451 CR31526 CR31647 CR31781 CR31781 (LP04536) CR31840 CR31845 CR31912 CR32027 CR32194 CR32205 CR32218 CR32252 CR32385 CR32582 CR32636 CR32690 CR32730 CR32835 CR32868 CR32957 CR33682 CR33938 (pncr002:3R) CR33942 CR33945 CR33963 CR34335 CR40053 CR40465 CR42549 CR42646 CR42721 CR42735 CR42738 CR42744 CR42746 CR42755 CR42756 CR42765 CR42836 CR42839 CR42858 CR42862 CR42862 CR42875 CR43051 CR43097 CR43104 CR43146 CR43152 CR43174 CR43193 CR43242 CR43252 CR43253 CR43257 CR43259 CR43263 CR43282 CR43302 CR43304 CR43306 CR43356 CR43409 CR43414 CR43415 CR43416 CR43426 CR43429 CR43456 CR43463 CR43464 CR43466 CR43470 CR43476 CR43485 CR43487 CR43494 CR43496 CR43622 CR43634 CR43637 CR43649 CR43654 CR43655 CR43706 CR43718 CR43753 CR43753 CR43764 CR43767 CR43823 CR43835 CR43839 CR43846 CR43847 CR43852 CR43862 CR43872 CR43883 CR43898 CR43900 CR43903 CR43907 CR43944 CR43953 CR43960 CR43964 CR44029 CR44034 CR44052 CR44059 CR44062 CR44066 CR44067 CR44068 CR44081 CR44114 CR44131 CR44134 CR44137 CR44137 CR44235 CR44264 CR44278 CR44279 CR44309 CR44320 CR44344 CR44357 CR44365 CR44370 CR44371 CR44381 CR44382 CR44401 CR44441 CR44447 CR44456 CR44456 CR44486 CR44515 CR44542 CR44547 CR44560 CR44566 CR44608 CR44690 CR44710 CR44749 CR44766 CR44792 CR44852 CR44858 CR44874 CR44889 CR44926 CR44936 CR44944 CR44949 CR44997 CR45005 CR45018 CR45041 CR45131 CR45164 CR45173 CR45174 CR45259 CR45283 CR45309 CR45329 CR45347 CR45372 CR45383 CR45418 CR45471 CR45475 CR45479 CR45481 CR45481 CR45484 CR45531 CR45557 CR45557 CR45570 CR45600 CR45608 CR45668 CR45670 CR45706 CR45713 CR45723 CR45727 CR45751 CR45805 CR45910 CR45959 CR45965 CR45982 CR46003 CR46004 CR46005 CR46061 CR46111 CR46179 CR46215 CR46253 CR46257 CR46268 CR46329 CR46330 CR46332 CR9284 CR9337 Cbp20 Cdk8 Cyp9b1 Cyp9f3Psi (RE06354) DIP1 Drak Dys (RE11449) F-element{}1209 GH03916 GH27226 GH27933 HL03538 HP1D3csd RE30346 RhoGAPp190 (RE10888) RpL40 SerT Ten-m (AT25108) Tfb4 Trap95 Tsp42Eq Uhg5 acal blp ckd dbo eas fs(1)N fw hyd mRpS6 oc phr6-4 pncr015:3L roX1 roX2 slp2 wor