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Result Summary

Number of genes 151
Genes 18w AT27946 Alhambra (LD39491) ApepP Axn BcDNA:GH10270 CDase CG10086 CG10361 CG10516 CG10624 CG10747 CG11261 CG11642 CG11798 (LD36410) CG12496 CG12802 CG12880 CG13318 CG13384 CG13463 CG13594 CG13627 CG13679 CG14147 CG14375 CG14444 CG14570 CG14670 CG15021 CG15239 CG15554 CG15643 CG15731 CG15818 CG1643 CG16728 CG17153 CG17290 CG17322 CG17359 CG1738 CG17843 CG18480 (LP08921) CG2260 CG2608 CG2938 (SD03002) CG30493 CG31223 CG31495 CG32075 CG32177 CG3287 CG32982 (RE11317) CG33116 CG3690 CG3731 CG4169 CG4440 CG4500 CG4511 (GM03430) CG4616 (LD48056) CG4658 CG4827 CG4866 CG5196 CG5682 CG5844 CG5895 CG6513 (LD13184) CG6885 CG7420 CG7465 CG7888 CG8006 CG8272 CG8430 CG8506 CG8677 (LD19244) CG8710 (GM04053) CG8738 CG8850 CG8924 CG9391 CG9503 CG9505 CG9699 (LD19219) CG9871 CG9921 CG9925 (RE70955) CR30267 CaMKI (GH05702) CkIIalpha-i1 Cyp309a2 Cyp4d20 Cyp9b1 DHR38 Ddx1 Dys (RE11449) E(var)3-9 EcR (RE16656) Ero1L Fur2 HM_CR43261 HM_CR45750 HM_CR45751 Idh Lag1 Lip4 ND75 Neu3 Nhe1 Oat Pdp1 Picot Prat RhoGAPp190 (RE10888) S2P Sep2 SerT Shaw Traf1 Ugt86Da (GM04645) Vps28 Wnt8 b bcd bgm (GM14009) blp bxd c(2)M cad cas ect esc fok fs(1)N ftz-f1 (LD11885) ftz-f1 (LD34889) gol iab-4 l(3)73Ah l(3)j2D3 mnd nAcRalpha-80B or shn (GH23228) sna twi (AT17310) yip2 zpg