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Result Summary

Number of genes 2729
Genes 18w 26-29kD-proteinase 412{}878 5-HT7 ?Tub84B ACXC ACXD AGO2 (RE04347) AP-1gamma AP-1sigma AP-2 ARP-like ASPP AT27946 ATPsyn-beta Aac11 Aats-ala (GM03058) Aats-arg Aats-arg Aats-asn Aats-cys Aats-gln Aats-gly Aats-trp AcCoAS Ack (GH10777) Acon Acp36DE (GH11288) Acph-1 Act42A Act79B Act87E (RE12057) Act87E (RE14441) Adgf-A Adh (GH01616) Akap200 (LD42903) Akap200 (LP02734) Alhambra (LP05501) Alk Aly Ance Ance-5 Ank2 AnnX Aos1 Apc2 ApepP Aplip1 Arc70 (LD14031) Arf79F Argk Arp53D Arp87C Asph (AT24863) Ast Asx Atet Atpalpha (GH23483) Atx2 (GH01409) Awh B4 (LD35137) B52 (AT29232) Baldspot (GH11554) Bc BcDNA:GM03205 BcDNA:LP08165 BcDNA:RE15216 BcDNA:RH02410 BcDNA:SD08734 BcDNA:SD10530 Best1 Best2 Bin1 Bj1 Bka Bsg25A Btk29A (LD16208) Bub1 CAH1 CBP CG10011 (SD01389) CG10026 (SD01558) CG10035 CG10062 CG10073 CG10082 CG10092 CG10096 (GH01346) CG10112 CG10116 CG10139 CG10144 CG10151 CG1017 CG10176 CG10194 CG10211 CG10238 CG10247 (Cyp6a21) CG10249 CG10254 CG10286 CG10306 CG10324 CG10326 CG10345 CG10359 (GM10015) CG10359 (RE57309) CG10361 CG10366 CG10384 CG10419 CG10424 CG10426 CG10433 CG10435 CG10470 CG10479 CG10512 CG10513 CG10516 CG10522 CG10540 CG10590 CG10592 CG10598 CG10617 CG10621 CG10624 CG10628 CG10650 CG10669 CG10670 (GM10765) CG10672 CG10695 CG10710 CG10732 CG10777 CG10793 CG10830 CG10837 CG10845 CG10863 CG10874 CG10882 CG10903 CG10904 CG10908 CG1091 CG10914 CG1092 (RE36666) CG10932 CG10936 (RE29777) CG10953 CG10955 CG10960 CG10962 (RE29909) CG10971 (LD16566) CG10992 CG11015 CG1102 CG11066 CG11076 CG11077 CG11086 CG11092 CG11149 CG11153 CG11169 CG11178 CG11188 CG11198 CG11200 CG11206 CG11236 CG11241 CG11242 CG11247 CG11253 CG11261 CG11267 CG1129 (HL02883) CG1129 (RE49494) CG11299 (LD39604) CG11315 (RH04252) CG11317 CG11319 CG11321 CG11322 CG11349 CG11371 (GH08783) CG11371 (LD26519) CG11375 CG11380 CG11382 CG11384 CG11396 CG11398 CG11406 CG11409 CG11416 CG11417 (LD23562) CG11419 CG11459 CG1146 CG11489 (GH08190) CG11500 CG11509 CG11526 CG11555 CG11556 CG11583 CG11584 CG11586 CG11642 CG11659 CG11672 CG11727 (GH08923) CG11727 (LD11130) CG11739 CG11753 CG11763 (GH05607) CG11771 (LD37516) CG11771 (SD01727) CG11790 CG11798 (LD23883) CG11836 CG11857 CG11873 CG11876 CG11905 CG11915 CG11929 CG11963 CG11968 CG11970 CG12000 CG12011 CG12038 CG12050 CG12071 CG12079 CG12081 CG12091 CG12093 CG12094 CG12104 CG12115 CG12128 (GM02932) CG12129 CG12164 CG12177 CG1218 CG12182 CG12191 CG12204 CG12214 CG12239 CG12252 CG12253 CG12267 CG12290 CG12304 CG1231 CG12311 CG12314 CG12340 CG12360 CG12375 CG12384 CG12393 CG1240 CG12413 CG12423 CG12442 CG1246 CG12534 CG12547 CG12550 CG12565 CG12576 CG12590 CG12643 CG1265 CG12708 CG1273 CG12734 CG12744 CG12750 (GH13383) CG12765 CG12773 CG12802 CG12814 CG12858 CG12863 CG1288 CG12880 CG12885 CG12896 CG12918 CG12936 CG12946 CG13003 CG13005 CG13008 CG13014 CG13049 CG1309 CG13102 CG13125 CG13140 CG13148 CG13159 CG13168 CG13181 CG13185 CG13196 CG13204 CG13211 CG13295 CG13298 CG13318 CG13321 CG13366 CG13372 CG13385 CG13393 CG13397 CG13424 CG1344 CG13463 CG13466 CG13506 (RE21686) CG1354 CG13550 CG13585 CG13594 CG13607 (GH05104) CG13625 CG13627 CG13631 CG13636 CG13645 CG13676 CG13678 CG13679 CG13699 CG13784 (GH13387) CG13795 CG13812 CG13826 CG13848 CG13850 CG13852 CG13868 CG1387 CG13887 CG13889 CG13890 CG13900 CG13907 CG13908 CG13912 CG13916 CG13917 CG13920 CG13933 CG1397 CG13983 CG13995 CG14000 CG14021 CG14023 CG14044 CG1409 CG14102 CG14153 CG14206 CG14207 CG14222 CG14229 CG14243 CG14290 CG14299 CG14322 CG14326 CG14327 CG14329 CG14339 CG14375 CG14391 CG14408 (GH19670) CG1441 CG14414 (AT01764) CG14423 CG1443 CG14430 CG14447 CG14476 CG14507 CG14516 CG14521 CG14526 CG14568 CG14617 CG14629 CG14639 CG14657 CG14670 CG14685 CG14762 CG14767 CG14775 CG14786 CG14815 CG14840 CG14855 CG14869 CG14879 CG14886 CG14889 CG14898 CG1490 CG1492 CG14948 CG14960 CG14962 CG14968 CG14980 CG14989 CG14991 (GM03112) CG14991 (LD36089) CG14995 CG14997 CG15005 CG15012 CG15021 CG15022 CG15073 CG15093 CG15094 CG15096 CG15120 CG15143 CG1516 CG15211 CG15236 CG15239 CG15261 CG15282 CG15296 CG15309 CG1532 CG15335 CG15347 CG15382 CG15390 CG15395 CG15406 CG15433 CG15435 CG1544 CG1548 CG15482 CG15514 CG15515 CG15524 CG15530 CG15561 CG15611 (GM09915) CG15611 (RE34668) CG15626 CG15631 CG15676 CG15695 CG15715 CG1572 CG15727 CG15731 CG15735 CG15737 CG15739 CG15743 CG15770 CG15771 CG15786 CG15814 CG15818 CG15828 CG1583 CG15878 CG15884 CG15925 CG1600 CG1623 CG1625 CG1655 CG1657 CG16727 CG1674 CG16752 CG16758 CG16786 CG16787 CG16798 CG16807 CG1681 CG16854 CG16863 CG16876 (RE33721) CG1688 CG16885 CG16894 CG16896 CG16903 CG16926 CG16935 CG16936 CG16941 CG16959 CG16969 CG16972 CG16996 CG1702 CG17023 (Dbp80) CG17027 CG17030 CG17052 CG17068 CG17124 CG17145 CG1716 CG17163 CG17173 CG17180 CG17223 CG17259 CG17270 CG17271 CG17273 (LD32788) CG17274 CG17286 CG17290 CG17293 CG1732 CG17322 CG17324 CG17361 CG17397 CG17419 CG17475 CG17493 CG1750 CG17508 CG17510 CG17540 CG17549 CG17572 CG17680 CG17691 CG17712 CG17717 CG17724 CG17724 (LD47433) CG17726 (RE41779) CG17737 CG17739 CG17752 CG17754 (LD24240) CG17754 (LP02641) CG17765 CG17778 CG17786 CG17802 CG17816 CG17836 CG17841 CG17843 CG1789 CG17905 CG17952 CG17977 CG18012 CG18041 CG18088 CG1809 CG18162 (GM03574) CG18178 CG18211 CG18213 (RE05389) CG18292 CG18331 CG18358 CG1837 CG1839 CG18431 CG18480 (LP08921) CG18480 (LP11031) CG18493 CG18508 CG18549 CG18558 CG1859 (Spn43Ad) CG18609 CG18616 CG18659 CG18745 CG18812 CG18815 CG1885 CG1886 CG1893 (GH10494) CG1893 (RE03306) CG1927 CG1942 CG1951 CG2016 CG2031 CG2082 (GH02439) CG2083 (HL03404) CG2083 (SD02338) CG2091 CG2100 (LP10544) CG2124 CG2144 CG2157 CG2159 CG2162 (LD38004) CG2162 (LD40717) CG2211 CG2217 CG2219 CG2233 (GH04674) CG2246 CG2260 CG2277 CG2292 CG2310 CG2358 (GM04682) CG2444 CG2493 CG2519 CG2556 CG2614 CG2658 CG2736 CG2767 CG2790 CG2812 CG2837 CG2893 CG2909 CG2915 CG2918 CG2919 CG2930 CG2938 (SD03002) CG2962 CG2964 CG2967 CG2970 CG2989 CG2990 CG2991 (LD08641) CG30007 (LD29335) CG30015 (GH22734) CG30023 CG30035 (LP03341) CG30035 (RH04286) CG30079 CG3008 CG30085 (LD22218) CG30089 (LD39940) CG30111 CG30115 (AT03020) CG30116 (AT26369) CG30116 (GH04922) CG30118 CG30194 CG30293 CG3033 CG30349 CG3036 CG30384 CG30389 (GH12043) CG30394 (RE05944) CG30403 CG30421 (GH27809) CG30427 CG30431 CG30456 (AT26020) CG30457 CG30460 (AT29286) CG30461 (AT28654) CG30463 (RE10344) CG30480 CG30497 (GH21034) CG3056 CG3077 CG3085 CG3095 CG3097 CG31002 CG31004 (LP04442) CG31006 CG31012 CG31038 (GH10942) CG3104 CG31040 CG31055 CG3106 CG31099 CG31100 CG31109 CG31121 (RE11181) CG31125 CG31132 (AT13643) CG31132 (LD40380) CG31133 CG31140 CG31146 (Nlg1) CG31156 CG31160 CG31176 CG31181 CG31183 CG31187 CG31191 CG31212 (SD02886) CG31235 CG31272 CG31291 CG31311 CG31320 CG31343 (GH24371) CG3136 (LD12677) CG31361 CG31363 (LD21358) CG31365 CG31368 (GM03621) CG31368 (LP02069) CG31368 (RE35509) CG31391 CG31431 CG31453 CG31463 CG3149 CG31523 CG31530 (RE02696) CG31530 (RE24196) CG31531 (GH25780) CG31550 (GH04826) CG31559 CG31607 CG31612 CG31619 (GH19218) CG31626 CG3163 CG3164 CG31675 CG31694 CG31705 CG31716 CG31731 (AT04810) CG31731 (LD33192) CG31732 (SD06513) CG31735 CG31740 CG31751 CG31759 (AT13596) CG31764 (GH02216) CG31764 (RE18101) CG31775 (LP03565) CG31790 CG31802 CG31810 CG31815 CG31826 CG3184 CG31846 CG31871 CG31901 CG3191 CG31910 CG31948 CG31974 CG31992 (LD47780) CG32005 CG32026 CG32029 (RE57183) CG32030 (LD24110) CG32039 CG32046 (LP08452) CG32046 (RE37150) CG32048 (RE25591) CG32062 (LD15974) CG32063 CG32081 (AT21186) CG32095 CG32103 (RE56970) CG32105 CG32130 (GH02003) CG32137 CG32159 CG32164 (RE37107) CG32181 CG32204 CG32207 CG32210 CG3222 CG3223 CG3224 CG32245 (GH04632) CG32245 (GH25458) CG3226 CG32262 CG32276 CG32278 CG32296 CG32302 CG3231 CG32316 (GH27234) CG32343 CG32352 CG32354 CG32372 CG32392 (GH13213) CG32396 CG32409 CG32428 CG32445 CG32446 CG32447 (LP07906) CG3246 CG32499 CG3252 CG32536 CG32548 CG32549 CG32556 (RE02873) CG32576 CG32626 (GH10492) CG32626 (RE05438) CG32632 (LP09162) CG32645 CG32656 CG32672 CG32694 CG32705 (GH26280) CG32714 CG32721 CG32732 CG32767 (LD34931) CG32782 CG32796 (RE01910) CG32796 (SD07678) CG32810 (GM03763) CG32833 CG32843 CG3287 CG32912 CG3292 CG3294 CG3295 CG32951 CG32972 CG32982 (GH13229) CG32982 (RE11317) CG33009 CG33056 CG33067 CG33080 (RH04764) CG33099 CG33119 CG33128 CG33129 CG33129 (AT01533) CG33130 (AT18914) CG33130 (GH09618) CG33157 CG33187 CG33203 (HL06052) CG33229 CG33248 CG33253 CG3330 CG3332 CG33456 CG33490 CG3363 CG3371 CG3376 (GH14130) CG3376 (LD42214) CG3403 CG3407 CG3408 CG3476 CG3499 CG3505 CG3509 CG3523 CG3529 CG3530 CG3534 CG3541 CG3546 CG3564 CG3568 CG3578 CG3581 CG3588 CG3590 CG3604 CG3605 CG3622 (AT15733) CG3679 CG3683 CG3689 CG3699 CG3702 CG3703 CG3719 CG3759 CG3760 CG3764 CG3770 CG3799 CG3800 (GM14667) CG3800 (LD48005) CG3808 CG3814 CG3823 CG3825 CG3829 CG3868 CG3875 CG3880 CG3884 CG3887 CG3906 CG3909 CG3927 CG3947 CG3960 (GH23906) CG3964 (AT22192) CG3975 (GH08865) CG3994 (RE54080) CG40192 CG40198 CG40218 CG4025 CG40283 CG4040 CG4060 CG4065 (AT26759) CG4068 CG4078 CG4136 CG4140 (AT29831) CG4164 CG4194 CG4213 CG42533 (Ziz) CG42611 (mgl) CG42679 (Lmpt) CG4272 (GH09817) CG4278 CG4287 CG4289 CG4294 (LD07143) CG4300 CG4301 CG4302 CG4306 CG43122 (cic) CG4351 CG4362 CG43726 (qin) CG4389 CG4390 CG4409 CG4420 (AT13091) CG4424 CG4440 CG4500 CG45090 CG4511 (GM03430) CG4532 (LD08951) CG4576 CG4589 CG46037 (flam) CG4616 (LD12230) CG4616 (LD48056) CG4622 CG4648 CG4655 CG4658 CG4673 CG4679 CG4684 CG4692 CG4714 CG4734 CG4738 CG4751 CG4764 CG4766 CG4778 CG4784 CG4827 CG4839 CG4845 CG4847 CG4851 CG4857 (LD29423) CG4866 CG4875 CG4882 CG4887 CG4893 CG4908 CG4930 (LD25338) CG4930 (SD16985) CG4936 CG4951 CG4972 CG5009 (GH01266) CG5009 (GH07485) CG5013 CG5021 CG5033 CG5045 CG5056 CG5094 CG5122 CG5127 CG5144 CG5149 CG5150 CG5155 CG5160 CG5171 CG5174 CG5177 CG5196 CG5204 CG5208 CG5220 CG5226 CG5237 CG5261 CG5284 CG5288 CG5295 CG5315 CG5325 CG5326 CG5335 (GM04669) CG5343 CG5355 CG5362 CG5382 (RE29207) CG5384 CG5397 CG5402 CG5428 CG5431 CG5439 CG5455 CG5469 CG5480 CG5508 CG5516 CG5522 (LD04722) CG5522 (LD24677) CG5525 CG5535 CG5554 CG5555 CG5582 CG5597 CG5602 CG5613 CG5618 CG5620 CG5629 (GH03502) CG5642 CG5645 CG5653 CG5656 CG5669 CG5682 CG5684 (GH06247) CG5684 (GM14316) CG5687 CG5720 CG5732 CG5755 CG5756 CG5762 CG5768 CG5780 CG5800 CG5804 CG5808 CG5822 CG5823 (RE16955) CG5849 CG5854 CG5857 CG5861 CG5867 (GH05536) CG5873 CG5886 CG5888 CG5899 CG5933 CG5958 CG5964 CG5973 CG5986 CG6014 (GH11973) CG6022 CG6028 CG6040 (GM03427) CG6041 CG6049 CG6119 (GH16917) CG6126 CG6138 CG6145 CG6153 CG6169 (GM04208) CG6178 (RE32988) CG6190 CG6191 CG6199 CG6206 CG6210 CG6218 CG6225 CG6230 (GH06032) CG6234 CG6241 CG6258 CG6259 CG6279 CG6295 CG6305 CG6310 (AT03632) CG6330 CG6337 CG6345 CG6347 CG6355 (LD46512) CG6355 (LP05464) CG6356 CG6386 CG6403 CG6404 CG6409 CG6424 CG6426 CG6432 CG6455 CG6459 CG6460 CG6465 CG6467 (LP10918) CG6483 CG6495 (GH10711) CG6509 (LD07392) CG6513 (LD13184) CG6513 (LD19034) CG6540 CG6543 CG6551 (fu) CG6560 CG6579 CG6583 CG6607 CG6617 CG6629 CG6634 CG6650 CG6654 CG6668 CG6673 CG6683 CG6694 CG6697 CG6704 CG6709 CG6726 CG6733 CG6738 CG6744 CG6746 CG6751 CG6755 CG6761 CG6764 CG6767 CG6770 CG6776 CG6782 (sea) CG6790 CG6803 (RH68506) CG6812 CG6830 CG6833 CG6860 CG6866 CG6870 CG6879 CG6885 CG6891 CG6933 CG6937 CG6946 CG6950 CG6961 CG6967 CG6972 CG6980 CG6981 CG6983 CG6986 CG7003 CG7016 CG7017 CG7028 CG7033 CG7039 CG7047 (RE30730) CG7048 CG7049 CG7051 CG7058 CG7065 CG7069 CG7080 CG7097 CG7101 CG7115 CG7130 CG7139 CG7144 CG7158 CG7163 (GH05885) CG7163 (GH08776) CG7188 CG7197 CG7212 CG7222 CG7224 CG7228 CG7272 CG7282 CG7289 CG7299 CG7306 CG7312 (GH14092) CG7329 CG7331 (LD09558) CG7332 CG7337 (LD47622) CG7406 CG7420 CG7430 CG7440 CG7441 CG7457 CG7458 CG7459 CG7461 CG7470 CG7506 CG7510 CG7519 CG7546 (LD31525) CG7549 CG7578 CG7580 CG7609 CG7611 CG7639 CG7654 CG7658 CG7670 CG7675 CG7678 CG7685 CG7686 CG7692 CG7702 CG7715 CG7718 CG7752 CG7778 CG7806 CG7834 CG7843 (LP08544) CG7855 CG7859 CG7860 CG7870 (GH09240) CG7872 CG7884 CG7888 CG7889 (RE45246) CG7890 CG7891 CG7916 (LP05416) CG7927 CG7941 CG7945 (LD01950) CG7970 CG7972 CG7985 (GH04120) CG7993 CG7997 CG8003 CG8004 CG8032 CG8042 CG8055 CG8057 CG8062 CG8067 CG8080 CG8083 CG8097 CG8104 CG8108 CG8112 CG8129 CG8134 CG8141 CG8142 CG8147 CG8149 CG8152 CG8160 CG8170 CG8173 CG8191 CG8193 CG8197 CG8204 CG8206 CG8213 CG8219 CG8226 CG8230 CG8234 CG8235 CG8237 CG8243 CG8268 CG8272 CG8282 (RE38002) CG8298 CG8303 CG8309 CG8312 CG8320 CG8327 CG8331 CG8332 (RpS15) CG8370 CG8386 CG8397 (AT26578) CG8397 (GH03227) CG8398 CG8408 CG8412 CG8435 CG8443 (GM10569) CG8443 (LD19312) CG8461 CG8475 (GH11862) CG8478 CG8481 CG8484 CG8486 (AT29333) CG8486 (LD05120) CG8501 CG8502 CG8503 CG8506 CG8538 (HL04319) CG8545 (GM03068) CG8547 CG8557 CG8568 CG8579 CG8583 CG8586 CG8589 CG8598 CG8602 CG8607 CG8611 CG8616 CG8638 CG8646 CG8665 CG8671 CG8677 (LD19244) CG8677 (LD41783) CG8710 (GM04053) CG8713 CG8728 CG8740 CG8756 CG8778 CG8780 CG8783 CG8786 (GM01527) CG8801 CG8806 CG8851 CG8852 CG8863 (GM13664) CG8878 (LD23371) CG8913 CG8915 CG8924 CG8942 CG8960 CG8963 CG8965 CG8974 CG8986 CG9005 (GH03947) CG9005 (GH05710) CG9006 CG9007 (LD34994) CG9009 CG9023 CG9036 CG9047 CG9063 CG9084 CG9086 CG9098 (LD41184) CG9112 CG9119 CG9122 CG9129 CG9140 (RE33648) CG9149 CG9170 CG9171 CG9172 CG9184 CG9186 (LP01162) CG9192 CG9194 CG9196 CG9200 CG9215 CG9227 CG9231 CG9238 (RE56341) CG9240 CG9267 CG9286 CG9288 CG9305 CG9307 CG9316 CG9326 (vari) CG9330 CG9338 CG9342 CG9372 CG9386 CG9391 CG9392 CG9394 CG9400 CG9422 CG9426 CG9436 CG9444 CG9449 CG9455 CG9460 CG9461 CG9503 CG9512 CG9520 CG9524 CG9528 CG9531 CG9535 CG9547 CG9568 CG9573 CG9577 CG9578 CG9588 CG9601 CG9603 CG9628 CG9629 CG9641 CG9664 CG9666 (LD25448) CG9674 CG9699 (LD19219) CG9699 (LP06017) CG9701 CG9702 CG9717 CG9740 CG9747 CG9775 CG9796 CG9813 (GH03671) CG9836 CG9837 CG9849 CG9850 CG9855 CG9865 CG9867 CG9871 CG9892 CG9894 CG9922 CG9924 (GM07940) CG9925 (GM03859) CG9945 CG9947 CG9951 CHES-1-like CHIP CHORD CLIP-190 (GM09007) CPTI CR14033 CR15345 CR18166 CR18217 CR18854 CR18854 (RE59362) CR30055 CR31044 CR31386 CR31451 CR31647 CR31781 CR31781 (LP04536) CR31969 (GH01205) CR31969 (GH11322) CR31969 (LP03459) CR32027 CR32028 (CG7015) CR32194 CR32205 CR32218 CR32252 CR32582 CR32646 (RE25290) CR32730 CR32957 CR33938 (pncr002:3R) CR33945 CR33963 CR40053 CR42549 CR42651 CR42839 CR42862 CR42862 CR43174 CR43429 CR43463 CR43470 CR43476 CR43670 CR43872 CR44029 CR44052 CR44690 CR44807 CR45018 CR45109 CR45713 CR45923 CR46179 CR46268 Ca-P60A (GM04226) Ca-alpha1D CaMKII Cad96Ca CalpB Cam (LD02334) Cap Cap-G (LD22256) Caps (GH07283) Cat Cbp53E Ccm3 Cct5 Cctgamma Cg25C (GM04010) Cha Chc Chd3 CheA75a Chit Cht2 Cht3 (LP05745) Cip4 (GM03419) Cip4 (RE39037) Cnx99A (AT22968) Cnx99A (GH08684) Coprox Corp Cp1 (GH06439) Cpr Crtp Csp CstF-50 CycB3 CycE (LD22682) Cyp12d1-d Cyp304a1 Cyp306a1 Cyp309a2 Cyp4e2 Cyp4g1 Cyp6a18 Cyp6a8 Cyp6d5 Cyp6t1 Cyp9b1 Cyp9f3Psi (RE06354) Cyt-b5-r D DHR4 DHR51 DIP1 DNAprim DNaseII Dbp73D Dcr-1 Df31 Dg (GH09323) Dhh1 Dhod Dif Dl Dlc90F Dlic2 Dll Dms Doa (LD44053) Doc1 Doc2 Doc{}331 Dp1 (LD21383) Dp1 (LD21677) Dref Dscam (SD09407) Dys (RE11449) E(bx) (LD30146) E(var)3-9 E23 (LP01481) E2f2 E78 ECSIT EDTP ERR ERp60 Eaat1 Eb1 (RE41364) EcR (LD26915) EcR (RE16656) Ect3 Ect4 (GH07037) Ect4 (GH20978) Ef1alpha48D (LP10071) Ef1beta Egfr Eig71Ed Eip75B (GM02640) Eip75B (GM04985) Elongin-C Eno (AT25373) Ent1 Ent2 Ephrin Ero1L Esp Ets65A (GH07491) Ets65A (GH18452) Ets97D Ext2 (RE05051) F-element{}1209 FB{}1097 (RE54096) FK506-bp1 FK506-bp2 Fas1 Fas2 Fas3 Fbp2 (LP02809) Fer1HCH Fibp Fkbp13 (GM07659) Fmo-2 Fpps (GM06581) Fpps (RE52884) Fs Fst FucT6 GATAe GH06606 GH22170 GH27226 GH27933 GM03761 GM10877 GM130 Gad1 (HL02049) GalNAc-T1 Galpha49B (LD13901) Gap1 (LD27520) Gapdh1 (LD24323) Gasp Gbeta76C Gclm Gfat2 Ggamma1 Gip Gl GlcAT-I (GM03003) GlcAT-P (LD11648) GlcAT-P (LD23788) Gld Glt Glu-RI Glu-RIIA GluRIID Glut1 Glycogenin Gmer (RE55674) Golgin84 Gp150 Grip163 Grip71 Gs2 GstE3 GstE9 (LD04994) GstS1 Gug (LD10989) Gug (LD21589) HBS1 HL03538 HLHm3 HLHm5 HLHmbeta (GH01842) HM_CR43261 HM_CR44931 HP1c Hexo2 His2Av His3.3A HmgD HmgZ Hmr (LD22117) Hmr (RE54143) Hnf4 Hr39 Hr46 (GH09429) Hr46 (GH21112) Hr78 Hr96 Hs6st Hsc70-3 Hsc70-4 Hsp23 Hsp27 (LP10040) Hsp60 Hsp60B Hsp70Aa Hsp83 IFa IP3K1 Idgf3 Idgf4 Idh Ilk Ilp4 ImpE2 ImpE3 ImpL1 Int6 (GM01233) Ip259 Irk2 Jafrac1 (GM14788) Jafrac2 Jheh1 Jheh2 Jheh3 KP78b KdelR Klp3A Klp61F Klp67A Kr-h2 KrT95D (GM03043) LD04986 LD06565 LD09675 LD14268 LIMK1 (GH23615) LIMK1 (GM09639) LIMK1 (LD15137) LP01608 LP07922 La Lag1 LanA LanB2 Lar Lasp Lcp1 Lim3 Lip4 Lis-1 Lkr Lsd-1 Lsd-2 Lsp1gamma Lsp2 MAGE MBD-like MESR6 MICAL Magi (LD27118) Magi (RE51969) Mbs (GH16214) Mcm2 Mcm5 Mcm7 Mcr Mct1 Mdr65 Med6 Mef2 (LD08608) Mef2 (SD04091) Mekk1 Mer Mes-4 Mes2 (SD09884) Mgat1 Mio Mip Mipp1 (RE51662) Mlc-c Mlc2 Mlp60A Mms19 Mnn1 Mnt Mob1 (GH13236) Mp20 Msp-300 (GH02446) Msp-300 (LP10936) Myo28B1 NC2alpha ND23 (RE02647) NLaz (LP01657) NTPase Nacalpha Nap1 Nckx30C (GH04818) Nelf-E Nep2 NetA NetB Neu3 Nf1 NfI Ngp Nhe1 Nhe2 Nlp Nmdar1 Nmdmc Noa36 Nop60B (AT23018) Nos Nplp1 Nrg Nrt (GM09828) Nrt (LD22004) Nup154 Oamb Oat Oatp26F Oatp30B Oatp58Db (GH08870) Oatp58Dc Obp44a Obp56d Obp83g Oda (RE14453) Oli Orc5 Orc6 (LD28671) Oscillin Oscp Osi14 Osi17 Osi18 Osi19 Osi20 Osi6 PDCD-5 PEK PGRP-LE PH4alphaNE1 PH4alphaNE2 PH4alphaSG2 PHGPx Paip2 Parp (RE04933) Past1 Patj Pbgs Pde6 Pdp1 Pfk Pgd Pgi Pglym78 Pgm Pi3K59F Pi3K68D (LD28067) Picot Pif1A (GH05455) Pif1A (GH12504) Pif2 Pkg21D Plkk1 (GH09291) Pnn Pp1alpha-96A Ppa (CG9952) Pph13 Ppn Prat2 Pros26 Pros29 Pros35 ProsMA5 Prosalpha6 Prosap (GH06265) Prosap (GH23107) Prosap (RE43210) Prosbeta5 Prx2540-2 Prx5037 Pvf3 Pvr Pxn (GH18946) Pxn (SD07234) Qm RE30346 RPE65 Rab-RP1 Rab30 Rab4 Rab40 Rab7 RacGAP84C Rad21 Rad21 Rala Ranbp21 Rapgap1 Rb97D Rbf (LD02906) Rbp4 Rca1 RecQ5 Reg-2 (AT28783) Reg-5 (RE54049) Rel Rev1 (GH05320) Rgk1 Rgl Rh50 Rheb RhoBTB RhoGAP19D RhoGAPp190 (RE10888) RhoGEF2 RhoGEF3 (HL01913) RhoL Rlc1 Rlip Rm62 (GH06343) Rm62 (LP04651) RnpS1 RnrL (LD06546) Roc1b RpI12 RpII215 RpII33 (GH07456) RpL10Ab RpL10Ab RpL12 RpL13 RpL13A RpL15 RpL18 RpL18A RpL24 RpL26 RpL27 RpL27A RpL28 (GH04183) RpL32 RpL35A RpL37A RpL7 RpL7A (RE05022) RpS10a RpS12 (LD04944) RpS14a RpS15Aa (LD18320) RpS23 RpS25 RpS3 (AT18625) RpS3 (GH06471) RpS3A RpS5a RpS5b RpS7 RpS9 Rpb5 Rpn1 Rpn11 Rpn5 Rpn6 (LD18931) Rpt4 Rs1 (GM05306) Rx Rya-r44F S2P SC35 SCAR (SD02991) SNF1A SNF4Agamma (CG17299) SNF4Agamma (RE22690) SP71 Sac1 Sap-r Sara Sas10 Sbf Sc2 Scm Scs-fp (GH13919) Scsalpha (LD24889) Sd Sdc (LD08230) Sdc (RE22862) SdhB Sema-1b Sema-5c Sep1 Sep2 Ser SerT Set Sgs4 (GM04578) Shal Shaw Sip1 Sirt2 Sirt4 (GH08671) Smg5 (LD22235) Smg5 (LD42783) Smvt Socs44A Sox21b Spec2 Spn (LD45234) Spn27A Spn3 Spn43Aa Spt5 Sptr Spz3 Sra-1 (LD19991) Sra-1 (LD47929) Srp54 Srp54k (AT23778) Srp54k (GM09489) SsRbeta Ssrp Stat92E Su(Tpl) Su(var)2-HP2 Su(var)3-7 Surf4 Swim (CG3074) SytIV Syx1A Syx6 (RE35194) Syx7 TSG101 Taf10b Taf11 (LD46767) Taf11 (LP03430) Tailless Tal Tapdelta (GM12291) Tbp-1 Tdc1 (CG30445) Tektin-C Ten-m (AT25108) TepII (GH01829) Tequila (GH28017) Tequila (SD02860) TfIIB TfIIEalpha TfIIFbeta TfIIS Tfb4 Thd1 (LP11673) Tim10 Tk Tkr Tl (RE46574) Tm1 (GH09289) Tm2 Toll-7 Tom Tom40 Top2 Top3beta Tpi TpnC73F Tps1 (GH08860) Tps1 (RE05454) Traf1 Traf2 Traf3 Trap170 Trap95 Trf2 Trim9 Trip1 Trp1 Tsc1 Tsp29Fb Tsp42Ea Tsp42Eb Tsp42Ee Tsp42Ef Tsp42Eh Tsp42El Tsp42En Tsp42Eq Tsp74F Tsp96F Tulp TwdlN U2A U2af38 UTPase Ubi-p63E Ubx Uch-L3 (AT10619) Uch-L3 (LD24440) Ugt36Bc Ugt58Fa Ugt86Da (GM04645) Uhg5 Ulp1 Upf1 Vha13 Vha16 (GH09168) Vha26 (GH03683) Vha36 Vha68-2 VhaM9.7-2 VhaPPA1-1 VhaSFD (LP03115) Vps28 W WASp Wnt4 Wnt8 XNP (LD28477) XRCC1 Xbp1 Zip3 Zip88E a ab ade2 ade5 aft ago (LD21322) ago (LD30271) al alpha-Est5 alpha-Est7 alpha-Man-II alpha-Spec alphaCop amx ana ap (HL02012) ap (SD05618) ara arg argos ari-2 ase asp barr bbx (GM07552) beat-IIa bel ben beta'Cop beta-Spec beta4GalT7 beta4GalTA (GH13356) betaCop betaTub85D bgm (GM14009) bib bic (GM05329) bif (LD24223) bip1 bip2 (LD19767) bip2 (LD24176) blp blue bnb bnl bol bonsai boss botv bowl br (LP12157) brat (LD16270) brk brm bs bsk (RE08746) bt (GH07636) bt (GM13171) btsz (LP02621) bun bw bwa bxd c(2)M c(3)G (GM04379) c(3)G (RE56519) c11.1 c12.1 cact cactin cad cals capt cas caup cbx cdi (GM10731) cenG1A (LD11783) charybde (GH09771) chico cib cin clumsy cnc comm2 comr corn cos cpo (RE30936) cpsf crc crol (GH27971) crol (LD16361) crq ct (RE08418) ctp cue cul-2 cutlet cype dbe debcl deltaCOP desat1 (RH21245) dia didum dik diver{}1372 dlp dm (LD32539) dnc (GH12916) dnc (LP01841) dp (LP08904) dp (SD02173) dpa dpld (LD02463) dpld (LD39167) dpn dpp dre4 drk (LD12029) drl drm dro5 drpr ds dsd (LD38671) dsx dy dyl e(y)1 eEF1delta eIF-2beta eIF-3p66 (GM13889) eIF-3p66 (RH04128) eIF-4G (RE51676) ea eas east ect elk esc ewg exex eya (GH05272) f-cup faf (LD22582) faf (RE01547) fau (HL07933) fax fbl fbp (GH01546) fbp (GH23730) ferrochelatase fkh flw (GH05039) fng for (GH10421) fs(1)Yb ft ftz-f1 (LD34889) fus (LP10580) fwd fws fz fz3 fzy (LD44795) galectin gammaSnap gammaTub37C gel (GH21853) gem (GH01967) gl (GH20219) glec glob1 gol gp210 grau grh grim gro gsb-n gt gukh (RE59757) gus halo hb hdc hig hiw (LP10764) hkb hoe1 hpo hrg hug hyd iab-4 ial in ine (HL05815) inv jbug (GH03013) jbug (GH03118) jeb jhamt jing jumu kal-1 katanin-60 kay kel ken kirre (AT15038) kirre (LD23922) kis (GM02209) kis (LD09721) kisir kls (LD36052) kn knk kraken (GH09173) kst l(1)10Bb (LD21969) l(1)G0022 l(1)G0060 l(1)G0136 l(1)G0193 l(1)G0196 l(1)G0230 l(1)G0237 l(1)G0431 l(1)sc l(2)02045 (GH21964) l(2)02045 (LP09416) l(2)05070 (RE44901) l(2)05510 l(2)05714 l(2)08717 l(2)09851 l(2)09851 l(2)35Bg l(2)35Df (GH07290) l(2)37Bb (RE18450) l(2)37Bb (SD19722) l(2)37Cc (GH12454) l(2)44DEa (LP07340) l(2)dtl l(2)k01209 l(2)k05713 l(2)k14710 l(2)not l(3)00305 l(3)01239 (RE13908) l(3)10615 l(3)73Ah l(3)82Fd (GH11677) l(3)j2D3 l(3)neo18 lace (LD36009) lama lbm ldlCp lid lig ligatin lin-28 lin19 lmd loj lola (GH08307) lola (LD28033) lolal loner (RE02556) lt m2 mRpL15 mRpL16 mRpL19 mRpL24 mRpL30 mRpL4 mRpL46 (CG13922) mRpL7-L12 (RE53508) mRpS10 mRpS11 (RE01527) mRpS17 mRpS30 mTTF (LD33443) mab-2 (SD05389) mab-21 (RE21580) mael mago mal mas mbf1 (GH10148) mbf1 (GM01267) mei-P26 mfas mge mio miple2 mira mnd mod(mdg4) (SD03001) mol (LD27791) morgue mre11 msk (GH01576) msk (LD30157) msl-1 msl-3 mtacp1 mthl14 mu2 mus101 myoglianin mys n-syb nAcRalpha-30D nAcRbeta-96A nahoda (GH04942) nahoda (RE44714) ncd nerfin-1 nes nesprin ninA ninaA nito (GH11110) nmd nmo (LD42550) nod nonA-l nop5 nord (RE56892) norpA (GH10316) nrv1 nrv2 nub nudC nuf (LD08622) nuf (RE46851) odd onecut opus{}1381 (LD21171) or os osp (LD14119) otp ovo (LD47350) p115 p38b (LD24658) pUf68 (GH01086) pain pan par-1 (GH01890) par-6 pav pcm pdm2 (RE49429) peb per pgant3 pgant4 pgant5 pgant8 pgc ph-p pho phol phr phtf phyl pip pit (RE48840) pncr013:4 polo porin ppa ppk ppl pr pr-set7 pros (HL08040) ptr pug qkr58E-1 qkr58E-2 r-l r2d2 (AT28705) r2d2 (SD05742) rab3-GAP ran (GM14354) rap raps (RE22964) ras rb ref(2)P (RE24064) repo rept (LD12420) rgr (SD02665) rhea rib roX1 rogdi rols roo{}316 rst rt rtGEF ru run rux ry salr sano (RE56731) sas sax sbb (SD01229) sca scaf6 scrib (LD43989) scro scrt sd sda (AT30002) sda (GH07466) sdk (LD22322) sds22 (GH07711) sec13 sec6 sesB (LP02726) sgl (GH20839) sgl (SD09476) shi skl sktl slp1 slp2 slpr sm (GH05823) smi35A (LD02884) smp-30 smt3 sna so sob sog spir (GH13327) springer{}1251 sqh ss stau (LD13210) stc sug sut3 svp (AT29920) svp (GH08189) syd syt (GH03937) syt (GH17619) syt (GM14109) tap tara term th tim tin tinc tkv tld tna (LD16921) tok (GH23184) tor torp4a (LD34179) torp4a (LP10386) toy (GH14454) trio (GH01987) trio (SD08659) trn tun (LP02021) tup twi (AT15089) twi (AT17310) tws unc-119 unc-13 (GH09925) unc-13 (LD28927) unc-4 und ush usp v vg viaf1 vib vimar vis vkg vlc vri wal (GH09945) wal (LD07532) wdp wds wg wgn wibg woc wor wrapper wun wupA yellow-e3 yellow-h yip6 yrt ytr z zfh2 zormin zpg